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How It Works
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Mandate Change
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Currency Decimal/long date Scientific Fixed-point General Number Percent Hexadecimal Short/long date Short/long time Month Year
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CHAPTER 6 ADAPTERS qr code rdlc
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Implementing the Second Server
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XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. XML, which is derived from SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), is a metalanguage. A metalanguage isn t used for programming but rather for defining other languages, and the languages XML defines are known as markup languages. Markup is exactly what it implies: a means of marking up something. The XML document is in the form of a text document, and it can be read by both humans and computers.
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You need to understand how to use the Facts Explorer to create a vocabulary that will be used within a business rule fact. You want to be able to store constants, predicates, and so on, that can be changed easily without redeploying code.
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Figure 13-20. Adding the SkewTransform 8. Click the play button at the top of the timeline and watch the objects transform from their original shapes and locations.
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Directory Structure of the Application
Listing 8-15. The Configuration of the Image-Aware DAO Implementation
Listing 7-3. TypedAccessors: Module1.vb
Figure 14-1 shows the results of launching the application via the second technique.
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