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Coded equivalent of baseline example Framework script to allow you to modify some object-level statistics Adds null values to the baseline example Queries with different-sized in-lists against the baseline example Queries with different-sized in-lists against the modified example Collection of in-list queries that produced some undesirable results Queries with in and not in against the baseline example Partition views and in-lists (versions vary significantly) Demonstration of changes in specifically Queries with different types of ranges against the baseline example Demonstration of a boundary case for tests outside the low/high range Example of predicate character like :bind Demonstration of changes in specifically Oddity with column < X or column >= X Test case for two independent predicates Anomalies when handling range predicates with bind variables Sets a standardized environment for SQL*Plus
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s Note Please make sure to add the WebPartManager control on the page before adding any of the web
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contained in your computer, you might have the choice of doing nothing, blanking the screen, suspending the computer (shutting down all systems but RAM), hibernating (suspending RAM to disk and turning off the notebook) and shutting down the computer. However, not all computers support each of these modes, so the choices you see might vary. Additionally, you may see a Dim Display When Idle check box, which you can check to conserve power by dimming the screen when your system is idle.
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Calculator also has three other modes that you can switch into using the View menu: Advanced, Financial, and Scientific. All offer calculator functions relevant to their settings. The Advanced mode is simply a more complicated version of the basic Calculator. It can store numbers in several memory locations, for example, and can also carry out less common calculations, such as square roots and reciprocals.
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3 1 1 1 1 Contact.ATTR_FAX, 8 Contact.ATTR_HOME, BlackBerryContact.ATTR_ HOME2, Contact.ATTR_ MOBILE, Contact.ATTR_ OTHER, Contact.ATTR_ PAGER, Contact.ATTR_ WORK, BlackBerryContact. ATTR_WORK2 1 1 1 1 1 1
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Urgent and time-sensitive data (e.g., storm warning) Updates (e.g., count of new messages) Continuous data (e.g., Twitter client, stock ticker)
If any application was blocking traffic from your machine based on its MAC address, the traffic will now be allowed. Once a machine on a network changes its MAC address, other machines will see this change and issue a line similar to the following:
Listing 5-32. The Implementation of an After Returning Advice
Before we start with code, we need to add a reference to the Oracle client. We ll use the Oracle client that is installed with Oracle XE. Add the Oracle client reference by selecting References under this project in Solution Explorer, right-clicking it, and selecting Add Reference. Select the .NET tab in the Add Reference dialog box, scroll down to Oracle.DataAccess, and click the OK button. Please see Figure 10-18 for an illustration of these steps.
Note WF 4.0 does not allow any executable code in your workflow definition. All code must be executed in an activity. In previous versions, you could use a CodeActivity class and place your code in the code-beside class. With WF 4.0, the CodeActivity class is now an abstract class that is used as a base class for many of the built-in activities (and available as a base class for custom activities). But it cannot be used directly in a workflow. In WF 4.0, you will find yourself writing a lot of custom activities. Fortunately, that s fairly easy to accomplish (as you ll see in this chapter).
Figure 13-4. Configuring security with the Web Site Administration Tool
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