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By clicking the Purging tab in the Backup Properties dialog box, you can opt to automatically delete old backup directories. This can save on storage space. Purging can be done either by specifying a cutoff date, so that any backup archive older than the specified number of days is deleted, or it can be done logarithmically. This means that the program keeps just one backup out of the many that might be created in a week, month, and so on. All others are deleted. For obvious reasons, you should use the purging option with care!
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It s important to note that APT relies on the dpkg system to take care of the actual installation. Effectively, dpkg and APT are two sides of the same coin. As you might have realized, the package management system means that Linux software installation/removal is a fundamentally different proposition than handling software under Windows or Mac OS. If you want to install new software, the first place to look is the Ubuntu software repositories. The online repositories contain most of the popular software available for Linux right now, all packaged for installation under Ubuntu. It s comparatively rare for an Ubuntu user to visit a web site and download a package file for installation, as is often the case for Windows users, and the only time this normally happens is if you can t find what you re looking for in the official repositories.
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Figure 4-22. New login with database access 3. We now click OK, which will create not only a server login, but also a database user in ApressFinancial for AJMason, as shown in Figure 4-23.
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These functions have the following types: val val val val val val byteP byteU boolP boolU int32P int32U : : : : : : pickler<byte> unpickler<byte> pickler<bool> unpickler<bool> pickler<int> unpickler<int>
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Press F6 to build the solution in Release mode. When the build is done, you ll find the binaries under bin\release directory where the project file is located. To find out where the project file is, click on the Notepad project from the Solution Explorer. In the Properties window that appears you will see the project path in Project Folder property, as seen in Figure 5 3 below.
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To configure the Image module, you need to set the appropriate Drupal permissions and conversion library. Then you can configure file paths, file sizes, and galleries.
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Wait before you start arguing, let us explain. Part of creating RIA applications is the need to create the view which includes skinning components, CSS, states, transitions, effects, etc. Although Catalyst is aimed to free developers from controlling the look and the feel of the UI disciplines, I think this is wishful thinking at this point. Looking at the designer-developer workflow before Flash Player 10 and Catalyst; developers would receive a composition from a designer and convert it into code. To many, that process was a painful process that required creating CSS classes and custom components which took a lot of effort for complex components. Let s go even further back in time. When Flash was first introduced back in 1996, it was intended to be used mostly by web designers as a basic editing tool with a timeline and other familiar movie editing tools. Flash was slowly adopted by developers as ActionScript 1.0 was introduced, and the ability to add code to drive the animation became possible. Our point is that the tool should serve our needs, and we should avoid putting labels on the product. Secondly, we believe that although the tool is portrayed as if it allows seamless and effortless round tripping integration between Creative Suite and Flex, in reality, the round trip is not seamless. At the end of the day, if the tool saved you days of work and helped you skin and create interaction of your application while allowing a designer to be more involved, then the product was a success and helped improve the workflow between designers and developers. Do not assume designers will adopt the technology right away. Designers are just as busy as developers, and many are not thrilled to adopt a new tool that will require them to put in more time and add to their responsibilities, not to mention learning more skills and changing how they think of artwork. There is still a learning curve, and round tripping should be improved for better integration. While that happens, you should enjoy the tool and get designers more involved. We will show you how to do just that.
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Figure 6 1. Providing keychain Access to an application. An unsigned application (left) and a signed app (right).
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In Flex applications, the first of these is generally not relevant. Maintaining the conversation between the client (browser) and the server is important in HTML-based web applications. HTTP is a stateless protocol, so each request is independent of all others. In order to have continuity between successive requests, you need to have a common token among them. This token or identifier is passed back and forth with each
If you create a staff-only forum, as I suggested earlier, I recommend you set it to Moderators [Hidden], as that will hide the forum from the general public but permit your moderators and administrators to see it. In this case, regular users don t need to see the staff room, since they can t get into it.
Web syndication is a term used to describe web feeds A link to a web feed can be recognized by the web syndication icon (see Figure 10-6).
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