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You will test the trial mode shortly, right after we put finishing touches on our Currency Converter application.
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Understanding Keys
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//get the current Locale Locale locale = request.getLocale(); //get the Resource Bundle ResourceBundle rb = getResourceBundle(locale); //get the title String title = rb.getString("javax.portlet.title"); //get the short title String shortTitle = rb.getString("javax.portlet.short-title"); //get the keywords String keywords = rb.getString("javax.portlet.keywords"); //Output the title, short title, and keywords writer.write("Title: " + title + "<P>"); writer.write("Short title: " + shortTitle + "<P>"); writer.write("Keywords: " + keywords + "<P>"); } }
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This join order reuses the partial result for (grandparent, greatgrandparent) from Join order [13], but stops after attempting all possible ways of joining on the third (parent) table. Join order[14]: GRANDPARENT[GP]#2 GREATGRANDPARENT[GGP]#3 PARENT[P]#1 CHILD[C]#0 Now joining: PARENT[P]#1 ******* NL Join Outer table: cost: 193 cdn: 110 rcz: 42 resp: 193 Inner table: PARENT Alias: P Access Path: table-scan Resc: 629 Join: Resc: 69403 Resp: 69403 Access Path: index (scan) Index: P_PK rsc_cpu: 15523 rsc_io: 2 ix_sel: 5.0000e-007 ix_sel_with_filters: 5.0000e-007 NL Join: resc: 413 resp: 413 Best NL cost: 413 resp: 413 Using concatenated index cardinality for table GRANDPARENT Revised join selectivity: 5.0000e-004 = 8.3417e-005 * (1/2000) * (1/8.3417e-005) Join Card: 6.05 = outer (109.94) * inner (110.05) * sel (5.0000e-004) SM Join Outer table: resc: 193 cdn: 110 rcz: 42 deg: 1 resp: 193 Inner table: PARENT Alias: P resc: 631 cdn: 110 rcz: 27 deg: 1 resp: 631 using join:1 distribution:2 #groups:1 SORT resource Sort statistics Sort width: 58 Area size: 208896 Max Area size: Degree: 1 Blocks to Sort: 1 Row size: 57 Total Rows: Initial runs: 1 Merge passes: 0 IO Cost / pass: Total IO sort cost: 0 Total CPU sort cost: 5033608 Total Temp space used: 0
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2 Writer is used for word processing
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The function showResults accepts a pair as input, decomposed into numWords and numDups, matching the results of wordCount.
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security = ads realm = use spnego = yes
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5. The web.sitemap le looks like this: < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <siteMap xmlns="" > <siteMapNode url="" title="" description=""> <siteMapNode url="" title="" description="" /> <siteMapNode url="" title="" description="" /> </siteMapNode> </siteMap>
Most of the code remained the same. We left in the instrumentation, but we really don t need @maxerr, at least not to decide whether to roll back or commit, so the code is lengthier than it has to be. The biggest changes were moving the statements, including COMMIT, into a TRY block:
Figure A-24. While activity The Condition on the While activity is as follows: queueName <> "None" This means that the While activity will continue to execute as long as the request is assigned to a queue. When the request is completed, without forwarding the request to another queue, the queueName is set to None , causing the While activity to complete. The logic inside the While activity starts with a Receive activity that waits for the AssignOperator method. A request must be assigned to an operator before it can be worked. This helps ensure that two people are not working on the same request.
<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition Height="50" /> <RowDefinition Height="50" /> <RowDefinition /> </Grid.RowDefinitions> <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" HorizontalAlignment="Center"> <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Center" Text="Red:" /> <TextBox Name="txtRed" Height="24" Width="50" Margin="5" /> <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Center" Text="Green:" /> <TextBox Name="txtGreen" Height="24" Width="50" Margin="5" /> <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Center" Text="Blue:" /> <TextBox Name="txtBlue" Height="24" Width="50" Margin="5" /> </StackPanel> <Button Name="btnTry" Content="Try Color" Grid.Row="1" Width="100" Height="24" /> <Ellipse Name="ellipse" Grid.Row="2" Stroke="Black" StrokeThickness="5" Margin="20" /> <TextBlock Name="lblColor"
else 'Prior year' end LabYear from orders
Figure 13-7. Click the plus button to create a new storyboard.
How It Works
A named dispatcher is useful for loading servlets or JSP pages that have been given a name in the portlet application s web deployment descriptor. It also returns a PortletRequestDispatcher object. One important difference is that it is impossible to pass a query string to a servlet or JSP that is called through a named dispatcher. If we have a servlet named SingleSignOnServlet, we could include it when we render the portlet, using code like the following:
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