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Declaring the UI Resources
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The MMAPI distinguishes between two general tasks involved in any media operation. First comes the data delivery protocol. You can think of this like the TCP/IP stack that you use to download a file over the network. TCP/IP doesn t care whether you re downloading a movie, audio, or text; it s only concerned with how to get the data to you. MMAPI uses the interface DataSource to represent the data delivery protocol. A DataSource might represent a network connection, a file connection, or even a randomized source of data. In the case of media recording, the DataSource will be the piece of hardware used to provide that media. Once the data has been delivered, the next task is to handle that data content. Content handling involves looking at the raw bytes that have arrived and then performing some task with them. MMAPI s Player class is used as a content handler. Depending on what type of content you ve asked for, it might decode an audio stream and direct it to the phone s speakers. When recording media, the Player will generally translate the raw input data into a usable format for you to consume. It is interesting to note that the same two objects have totally opposite roles when recording or playing. In a recording scenario, the DataSource deals with phone hardware and the Player writes to a representation; in a playback scenario, the DataSource reads a representation and the Player writes to phone hardware. This flexibility can make the MMAPI difficult to understand, but it also accounts for its power. By not tying themselves to the scenarios they could imagine, the MMAPI s authors have created a system that can evolve to accomplish tasks that were not possible at the time the standard was written. Note: The one aspect of the MMAPI that does not follow this DataSource/Player design is the aspect that appears to have aged badly. At the time of its creation, the majority of phones did not support compressed audio formats, and programs relied on simple tone-based audio playback. Rather than creating a DataSource for those notes and a Player to output them, the authors created a method Manager.playTone() that would generate a single note. The widespread adoption of compressed audio has rendered this method largely useless, and its presence in the API feels like an anachronism.
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*************************************** SINGLE TABLE ACCESS PATH COLUMN: SMALL_NUM_(NUMBER) Col#: 2 Table: GREATGRANDPARENT Alias: GGP Size: 4 NDV: 200 Nulls: 0 Density: 5.0000e-003 Min: 0 Max: 199 No Histogram: #BKT: 1 (1 uncompressed buckets and 2 endpoint values) TABLE: GREATGRANDPARENT Alias: GGP Original Card: 1000 Rounded: 261 Computed: 261.26 Non Adjusted: 261.26 Access Path: table-scan Resc: 64 Resp: 64 BEST_CST: 64.41 PATH: 2 Degree: 1 *************************************** SINGLE TABLE ACCESS PATH COLUMN: SMALL_NUM_(NUMBER) Col#: 3 Table: GRANDPARENT Alias: GP Size: 4 NDV: 400 Nulls: 0 Density: 2.5000e-003 Min: 0 Max: 399 No Histogram: #BKT: 1 (1 uncompressed buckets and 2 endpoint values) TABLE: GRANDPARENT Alias: GP Original Card: 2000 Rounded: 110 Computed: 110.25 Non Adjusted: 110.25 Access Path: table-scan Resc: 128 Resp: 128 BEST_CST: 127.82 PATH: 2 Degree: 1 *************************************** SINGLE TABLE ACCESS PATH COLUMN: SMALL_NUM_(NUMBER) Col#: 4 Table: PARENT Alias: P Size: 4 NDV: 2000 Nulls: 0 Density: 5.0000e-004 Min: 0 Max: 1999 No Histogram: #BKT: 1 (1 uncompressed buckets and 2 endpoint values) TABLE: PARENT Alias: P Original Card: 10000 Rounded: 110 Computed: 110.05 Non Adjusted: 110.05 Access Path: table-scan Resc: 631 Resp: 631 BEST_CST: 631.09 PATH: 2 Degree: 1 *************************************** SINGLE TABLE ACCESS PATH COLUMN: SMALL_NUM_(NUMBER) Col#: 5 Table: CHILD Alias: C Size: 4 NDV: 10000 Nulls: 0 Density: 1.0000e-004 Min: 0 Max: 9999 No Histogram: #BKT: 1 (1 uncompressed buckets and 2 endpoint values) TABLE: CHILD Alias: C Original Card: 40000 Rounded: 68 Computed: 68.01 Non Adjusted: 68.01 Access Path: table-scan Resc: 2517 Resp: 2517 BEST_CST: 2517.49 PATH: 2 Degree: 1 projects qrcode
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Boolean value indicating success or failure of call. If an administrator canceled the process, this value would be returned as false. If the call was made, regardless of the outcome, this value will be returned as true. If the response from the task is a single simple type parameter (such as a string, integer, and so on), this parameter can be used. It is a distinguished field and can be easily accessed. This is a repeating node allowing for multiple output parameters. Use this structure when multiple output parameters are needed. Values can be set and accessed using XPath queries in the Task Processing orchestration (see the demonstration for examples). Name: Name of the parameter. Type: The parameter type (integer, string, and so on). This parameter is not required. Value: The value of the parameter. The XPath query can find the Value based on the Name. This <Any> element can be populated with any type of XML document that may need to be passed back from the Task Processing orchestration. There can be multiple XMLParameter values passed. See the demonstration for examples of how this parameter can be populated and read.
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{ writeToFile(dataOut.toByteArray(), location + "/video.3gp"); } status.setText("Data saved"); state = STATE_READY; } } catch (IOException ioe) { status.setText(ioe.getMessage()); } } public void playerUpdate(Player arg0, String arg1, Object arg2) { System.out.println("playerUpdate: " + arg1); }
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Administration and Configuration
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Bare-Metal Images
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Enter the following query into SSMSE and execute it. You should see the results in Figure 11-9.
While this code is sensible, it is not easy to follow. The number of conditions involved makes it difficult to determine whether all of the decisions made are correct. For example, will staff be members of the customer group anyway If so, then we risk rendering the customer tools twice for some administrative users. We can hide some of this functionality inside the rendering methods, but this approach won t necessarily shield us from the difficulty of determining whether the application is doing the right thing from a business point of view.
use correct locking and resource sharing patterns to prevent data corruption. For example, if your objects access a database, you should never use a class-level member that holds a SqlConnection object. Instead, you should create and destroy this connection object directly inside the methods.
killall -USR1 DirectoryService
Note Throughout this book, you will see references to .NET Framework on Windows Phone 7. To be completely accurate, however, it is the compact version of .NET Framework (.NETCF) that powers Windows Phone 7. Compact .NET Framework is a portable version of the full .NET Framework, and it has a much smaller size and footprint to accommodate smaller devices. Windows Phone 7 runs .NETCF version 3.7. So whenever you encounter a reference to .NET Framework in this book, remember that the reference is really to the .NETCF 3.7.
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