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Each transaction must be managed by only one of these methods. Using both methods on the same transaction can lead to undefined results. For example, you should not start a transaction using the ODBC API functions, and then use the T-SQL COMMIT statement to complete the transaction. This would not notify the SQL Server ODBC driver that the transaction was committed. In this case, use the ODBC SQLEndTran function to end the transaction.
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The Visual Web Developer Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides some very powerful tools, such as the Database Explorer window we saw in 2. We will explore that functionality in more detail later in the book. For now, it is important to have an understanding of the fundamentals when dealing with databases and SQL Server Express Edition. Although a full discussion of SQL Server and SQL Server Express Edition is outside the context of this book, after reading this chapter, you will be on solid ground when working with SQL Server Express. We refer to SQL Server Express as SQL Server throughout the book unless otherwise noted.
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_buildElements.Push(buildElement); _buildTypeList.Push(BuildType.Build); } This handler will create a new Build element and attach it to the MSBuild element. It will always add two attributes, one for the start time and one describing the current verbosity level. Following this, if the verbosity is set to at least Detailed, then an element will be created that contains all of the logger parameters and their values. The Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Logger abstract class provides the IsVerbosityAtLeast method. You can use this to help you determine what to log. An event that happens quite frequently is a message event. The message event includes an Importance value that is associated with it. Based on this and the verbosity, you can determine whether you would like to log the message. Now let s examine the second bullet point. What are some of the useful elements of different build event arg objects We noted previously that each event has its own distinct class, such as BuildStartedEventArgs or BuildMessageEventArgs. Each of these classes inherits from the abstract Microsoft.Build.Framework.BuildEventArgs class. This class has five public properties: Message, Timestamp, HelpKeyword, ThreadId, and SenderName. Most of the subclasses have some important properties that you can use in your loggers, as listed in Table 4-6. The names of the properties are self-descriptive. Table 4-6. Some Properties from the BuildEventArg Subclasses
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CHAPTER 5: Messaging and Groupware
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command can be too much, at times. Also, the longer it will take for the command to complete as it s calculating more and more data. Some other flags that are useful are -x and -H. These will traverse mount points and symbolic links, respectively (both of which are not followed by default). This can help to keep your command s output limited to the host and volume of directories underneath the specified parent directory. If you re interested in seeing way too much information, try just running:
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Table 2-4 shows the most commonly used standard date formats. Table 2-4. Standard Date Formats
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Try It Out: Building a Simple DataGrid
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Figure 3-15. XML document with namespaces and prefix added Notice how the namespace has been added to the <table> element. Also notice how each element now bears the prefix.
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Figure 12-5. Viewing a variable during break mode You will learn more about this very helpful tool tip window later in the chapter. However, with these few steps, you can see how easy it is to add breakpoints to your code and how beneficial it will be to examine the code in break mode to ultimately fix the error or bug in your application. To resume the execution of the code, click on the Run command again, and the application will resume. What if you needed to examine more that just one or a few lines of code In the next section, you will learn how to handle such a situation. Now that you know how to insert, turn off, or delete a breakpoint, you can click on the red circle in the left margin and the breakpoint will delete.
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