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As you can see, this function gets a reference to each of the text boxes, and then uses their values to construct a URL to the server page. It then uses the open method on the ajaxRequest to set up an HTTP-GET to that URL, specifies the callback function (handleUpdate, which you ll see next), and starts the communication by calling send.
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try { dis.close(); } catch (IOException ioe) { } } }
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Designing the Page Header
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This chapter also uses some of the concepts that you learned throughout this book. If you want to review some of these principles, you can refer to the appropriate chapter as follows: Passing Arguments: 4 ForEach: 5 Custom Activities: 7 Interop: 19
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On a collaborative sharepoint, there will be few cases where we would recommend propagating an owner name (migrating a user s home directory is the primary use-case for that option). All other options can prove to be extremely useful when establishing permissions hierarchies. When propagating ACLs, all subfolders and files will contain an inherited ACL, an implicit ACL that it received based upon the directory in which it was contained. If you have propagated an ACL to a particular directory and you would like to change an ACE that was propagated, you must first make the ACE explicit. You can do this by selecting the directory in question, clicking on the widget, and then selecting Make Inherited Entries Explicit, as shown in Figure 4 7. Once you have done so, you can modify or delete the inherited entries, and then further propagate those changes using the propagation tool.
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You then executed a query whose FROM and WITH clauses enabled you to use the parsed XML like a table. Instead of specifying a table in the FROM clause, you called the OPENXML function: class code39
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The most basic package-manipulation command is dpkg. dpkg allows you to perform a lot of package-related tasks, such as building packages from scratch. Here, we ll look at simple package installation, removal, and query functions.
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Database Server
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Embedding a Browser in Your App
query() value() exist() modify() nodes()
Good code reviews are a necessary evil. They should be performed at regular intervals, perhaps at a project milestone or tollgate. Code reviews are a time for you to explain to your peers your thought process, as well as receive feedback on your code and design. The end result is better code, which results in a stabler system, which results in fewer production support issues. So why are most companies not bothering to do code reviews Because everyone dreads code reviews. Most people are not good at presenting. To make things worse, they know they are not good and that makes them even worse. Some people could be good, but get nervous when talking in front of a group of their peers. And those that are having their code reviewed feel as if they are being interrogated by Chris Hansen from To Catch a Predator. It all adds up to some of the most dreadful assemblies of employees you could ever hope to imagine. So we know code reviews are important, right And we know that everyone dreads them, and as a result no one does them anymore, right Now, I want you to imagine that Chris Hansen is leading the code review and you are the developer currently making your presentation. You get done explaining what you are doing, and Chris starts asking you some questions, such as
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