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I described the UIApplication class and its purpose. The UIApplication, a singleton object in the application, handles all of the routing of user events in your system. Usually UIApplication is not subclassed, but instead handled through a delegate that conforms to the UIApplicationDelegate protocol. Delegation allows one object to act on behalf of another, usually complex, object, so that you don t have to subclass the complex object. The most common example is the UIApplicationDelegate whose protocol includes the often-used applicationDidFinishLaunching: method call. The EAAccessory sharedAccessoryController works much like the shared UIApplication singleton. It sends notification when an accessory is physically connected or removed from the iPhone. The Model-View-Controller design pattern delineates a system into reusable parts. The model contains the system state information and usually only interacts with the controller. The View provides the user interface including controls and display information and also interacts with the controller. With this separation, pieces such as the model might be easily reusable in another similar system. Take the model for the Pong game. While not exactly the same as the rules of play, Pong s model could be easily reused in another similar game such as Air Hockey. The Air Hockey view would differ significantly, but the model would stay much the same. While MVC provides the ideal way to partition a system, sometimes practicality dictates combining functions together. In very small applications such as the prototype Pong game, it becomes simpler to combine MVC into a concept called a screenful of information. A screenful of information is just that, the part of the code that manages pretty much everything that a user sees on a single screen. For Pong, this might mean putting the ball movement, the collision detection, sounds, the scoring, and so forth, all inside a single view controller. Inside of the view controller itself, you may still logically partition things according to MVC guidelines. Notification provides a means to loosely couple objects. Where delegation provides means for objects to communicate, those communication paths are one-to-one and very specifically defined. Notification works by sending information to a central dispatcher, the notification center, which then forwards the message to whoever is interested. Notification consists of three parts: (1) an object must register for notifications with the notification center; (2) an object sends a notification to the notification center which may include the userInfo field which a dictionary of Key-Value pairs; (3) a receiver object must have a method, defined by using @selector( ) when registering to act upon the notification and retrieve any userInfo data passed with the notification.
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Method Description
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Computer Configurations
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Figure 9 5. PhoneApplicationFrame and PhoneApplicationPage
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In Mac OS X, each user needs a default group assigned to it. At the Select and Set the Default Normal Group dialog, you will be setting the Active Directory group that will be used for a UNIX GID for that group. Here you can use the Browse button to find an existing group. You can also use the Create... button to create a new group. You will need to use the UNIX GID: field if you wish to use a unique identifying number for the AD group provided. While the unique number can be fairly arbitrary, do use your standard numbering scheme and organizational standards. Click Next to commit your changes, and if there are any issues with them Centrify will bring up a screen telling you to fix the issue. If you are using NIS, then Centrify will act as the NIS server. The Agentless Client Support screen is where you will configure the NIS Server settings, which is the essence of what Agentless Client means to Centrify. Next, provide a password hash type and a NIS domain that NIS clients will use when connecting to the server. Once set, use the NIS domain listed in this field as the domain in Directory Utility. When you complete your NIS settings, click on Next. You will now see the Delegate Permissions screen, where you can set the server to be able to control settings on the workstation. By checking the field seen in Figure 3-18, to Grant computer accounts in the Computers container permission to update their own account information you allow Centrify to alter settings of the local computer once it has been joined to Active Directory.
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ADO.NET and the .NET Base Class Library
<script language="F#" runat="server">...</script> <form id="Form1" runat="server">
Business intelligence and other analytical applications often use charts to communicate information. Some portal projects create digital dashboards that represent the current state of the organization for managers for instance, a sales manager could see outstanding sales calls for each salesperson, sales margins for products, and profit projections for the quarter. We use the open source charting product JFreeChart to develop charts for portlets in 14.
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if ( > (self.view.bounds.size.width /2)+101) playerPaddle.image = playerPaddleRightUp; else playerPaddle.image = playerPaddleRight; else if ( < (self.view.bounds.size.width /2)-101) playerPaddle.image = playerPaddleLeftUp; else playerPaddle.image = playerPaddleLeft; } // // viewDidLoad - we use this to initialize our system. // (1) Loads the images from the bundle to use for our variable player's paddle // (2) Displays the game name on the playing field // (3) Gets the sound file for the ball // (4) initializes the score to 0-0 // (5) sets the game status to NOT_STARTED -- note that this is the only time // the game is in this condition // (6) set the serve position of the ball // (7) setup and start the timer // // Note that for the game to actually start, the status must change to IN_PLAY // and that is only done by the serveAction method which fires when the player // taps the SERVE button --**** AND ***--- soon when the game controller's // serve button is pressed. // - (void)viewDidLoad { playerPaddleLeft = [UIImage imageNamed:@"playerPaddleLeft.png"]; playerPaddleLeftUp = [UIImage imageNamed:@"playerPaddleLeftUp.png"]; playerPaddleRight = [UIImage imageNamed:@"playerPaddleRight.png"]; playerPaddleRightUp = [UIImage imageNamed:@"playerPaddleRightUp.png"]; winOrLoseView.text = @"PONG!"; // SET UP SOUNDS CFBundleRef mainBundle; mainBundle = CFBundleGetMainBundle (); // Get the URL to the sound file to play paddleSoundFileURLRef = CFBundleCopyResourceURL ( mainBundle, CFSTR ("paddleSound"), CFSTR ("aif"), NULL ); AudioServicesCreateSystemSoundID ( paddleSoundFileURLRef, &paddleSoundObject); playerScore = 0; compScore = 0; status = NOT_STARTED; [self setServePosition]; [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:0.05 target:self selector:@selector(gameLoop) userInfo:nil repeats: YES];
4. The Add New Outbound Rule dialog box appears. In the Name drop-down list,
.NET Framework Versioning Basics
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