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When adding support for a specific new data type, you could start by either implementing the PropertyProxy for that type or extending one of its available implementations.
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Visual Basic Type
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Error: The Report Definition of Report rptProductReorder.rdlc Has Not Been Specified
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To download the Citrix client for the iPhone and iPod touch, first open iTunes and tap on the link for the App Store. Alternatively, you go directly there using http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware id=313735334&mt=8. Once you have downloaded the application, install it on the iPhone or iPod touch and then look for the Citrix application in your list of available applications. When Citrix is first opened it will prompt you for connection information:
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for an entry along the lines of USB Legacy Support. Set it to Enabled.
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To compare your application with ours see Step3/TwitterTag application. Once you compile, you can see Figure 3-22.
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You can provide extended parameters to the server app by setting arguments, data, or both. The following example updates a high score with a new name and player icon. The
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SoapFieldAttribute Class
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The commonest type of statement is the select statement but even though the rest of this book will focus almost exclusively on selects, it is worth remembering that any statement, be it a query, DML (such as an update), or DDL (such as an index rebuild) is subject to analysis by the cost based optimizer (CBO). Oracle has three variants on its cost based optimizer. The three variants have different constraints built into their code, but they all follow the same strategy which is to find the execution mechanism that uses the fewest resources to achieve the required result for a given statement. The variants are identified by the legal settings of the parameter optimizer_mode: all_rows: The optimizer will attempt to find an execution plan that completes the statement (typically meaning returns all the rows ) in the shortest possible time. There are no special constraints built into this code. first_rows_N: The number N can be 1, 10, 100, or 1000 (and as a further refinement there is the first_rows(n) hint, where the number n can be any positive whole number). The optimizer first estimates the number of rows that will be returned by completely analyzing just the first join order. This tells it what fraction of the total data set the query is supposed to fetch, and it restarts the entire optimization process with the target of finding the execution plan that minimizes the resources required to return that fraction of the total data. This option was introduced in 9i.
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Now we ll show you how to modify the sp_Select_All_Employees stored procedure you have created.
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While GNOME and KDE dominate the desktop interface landscape of Linux and are used in the main Ubuntu and Kubuntu releases, respectively, other projects take a different approach to the graphical desktop. The Xfce Desktop Environment (www.xfce.org) is one of these. It s a streamlined desktop that retains the good looks of GNOME but is much smaller in terms of memory footprint. This means that a system running Xfce is faster than an equivalent GNOME system. It also means that Xfce can be used on many older computers that don t have the powerful hardware we take for granted nowadays and would struggle with the latest GNOME and KDE releases of Ubuntu. Because a key component of the Ubuntu Foundation s philosophy is to create an operating system that can be used by everyone, regardless of where they are in the world, a version of Ubuntu that can run on older hardware makes a lot of sense. It s unlikely that less developed countries will have access to the latest expensive computer hardware, for example. As you might expect, Xubuntu (www.xubuntu.org) is simply a version of Ubuntu that replaces the GNOME desktop with the Xfce desktop, as shown in Figure D-4. Some key components are still present, such as the Firefox web browser. Other Ubuntu components are swapped for Xfce replacements; for example, the Nautilus file browser is replaced with Thunar. Despite Xfce s claim to be lightweight, it still offers a high degree of usability and shouldn t be seen as a second-best choice for stripped-down hardware. It s certainly worth trying out if you long for a less cluttered desktop experience. It also uses many modern GUI aspects we take for granted, such as theming (see 10) and font antialiasing. To use the Xfce desktop once it s installed, click the Options button on the login screen and then click the Select Session entry. Next, select Xfce from the list and click the Change Session button. To boot to the standard Ubuntu desktop after this, simply repeat the steps and select GNOME from the list.
Before we start designing the report, let s take a moment to analyze the report layout in Figure 12-1. Although the output of both reports looks the same, we need to use different approaches to report design. You ll use the table report item for the RS part of this exercise. How about CR Do we have the table report item in the CR design tool set also I know many questions like these might be going through your mind, but hold on to them for now. As we go through each step of the report development, you ll see the different approaches to producing the same report unfold. All right, we ve got our dataset in place with a data table and all the necessary columns. We re all set to start working on designing the report layout. As you know, we need two reports: one each for RS and CR. The process to add reports in CR is similar to one we use for RS; the only difference is to select the proper report type. Let s start adding the RS report by selecting the project under Solution Explorer. Rightclick it, and select Add New Item. Next, select Report from the Add New Item dialog box (shown in Figure 12-6). Please name the report rptRS.rdlc. Click the Add button to complete the process. Let s add the CR report now. Again, select the project under Solution Explorer, right-click it, select Add New Item, and then select Crystal Report from the Add New Item dialog box. Please name the report rptCR.rdlc. Click the Add button to complete the process.
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