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There will be times when you will need to schedule your scripts to perform various tasks. Maybe you want to periodically run a backup, check and repair permissions, run system maintenance, run updates, or perform whatever it is that you want your machines to do in the wee hours of the morn. No matter, OS X has a scheduler that will fit your need. OS X's scheduling capabilities are rooted both in the past and in the present; its BSD heritage has provided it with traditional *nix schedulers in cron and at. A more modern scheduler is provided with launchd, which brings with it a number of advantages, and a prerequisite to reconsider how schedules are ran.
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As with the ordinary examples of transitive closure from the previous section, you can see these generated predicates in the full execution plan or from dbms_xplan. There are a few little quirks and bugs with this feature. In earlier versions of both 9i and 10g, the mechanism could produce wrong results in some special cases, but I think the errors have been fixed in and There is still an outstanding limitation with 10g (that is not present in 9i) the test case in script constraint_01.sql, for example, does not use the index for the following type of predicate: where upper(v1) = :bind_var
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Friend WithEvents conn As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection
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Generating and Slicing Arrays
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NOTE: If you choose that what happens to junk mail messages is anything other than Delivered, the recipient will never see them and the sender will never know they were deleted. Only the e-mail address you specify will be notified, which means that you, the admin, will have to deal with the message. You may be distressed by the lack of an option to inform a sender that their message was rejected due to spam, but keep in mind that from: addresses are almost always spoofed on actual spam messages, and you could end up flooding legitimate email addresses with delivery notices.
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The code used with this example is small compared with other exercises. The reason for this is that we didn t need to make use of any special data-access clients. We read the XML file directly into the dataset using the native ReadXml() method.
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How It Works
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Now when you run the application, you ll see something like Figure 12-8. When you type the numbers into the text fields, nothing happens until you click the button, which triggers a postback and a full refresh of the page. Depending on your system speed, you may or may not see a page blink, but you can notice the full page refresh by looking at the status bar. You can convert this to an Ajax application without changing any code. To do this, drag and drop a ScriptManager control from the Toolbox onto the page. (Look back to Figure 12-6 to see the Toolbox.) After doing this, drop an UpdatePanel on the page, and then find the Panel control in the standard Toolbox and add a panel inside the UpdatePanel. The Panel resolves to a <div> at runtime, and can be resized within the Designer, causing the UpdatePanel to match it. See Figure 12-8 for an example.
" @lastname, " _ " @titleofcourtesy, " _ " @city, " _ " @country " _ ") "
protected var isDownloadCompleted:Boolean = false;
public class MediaGrabber extends UiApplication implements RequestListener { private Invocation pending; private ContentHandlerServer server; private static final String CHAPI_ID = "com.apress.king.mediagrabber"; private static final String[] MIME_TYPES = new String[] { "image/png", "image/jpeg", "audio/amr-wb", "audio/amr", "audio/pcm",
Now, within JavaScript, you can implement the doLogin function, which uses the authentication service like this:
The Linker and the Assembly Linker
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