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Bounce keys: This feature controls the repetition of letters on the screen when the same key is accidentally pressed. By moving the slider to the left, the repeat rate will be quicker; moving it to the right adds time for the key to be repeated. At the bottom of the dialog box is a text box for typing to test the settings you ve just configured. You can also enable sound notifications by clicking the Notifications button. These notifications will let you know when the keyboard accessibility features have been enabled or disabled. You can set sound alerts for accessibility in general, sticky keys, slow keys, and bounce keys.
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Figure 9-10. Processing a request by the Central Library Try sending several requests from both windows. Also try the Cancel button and verify that the response message in the Event Log (in the other application) says [False].
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INGO RAMMER is cofounder of thinktecture, a company supporting software architects and developers with architecture and design of .NET and Web Services applications. He is a regular speaker about these topics at conferences around the world, author of numerous online and print articles, and winner of the .NET Developer s Journal s Readers Choice Award for Best .NET Book of 2003. You can reach him at http://www.thinktecture.com/staff/ingo. MARIO SZPUSZTA is working in the Developer and Platform Group of Microsoft Austria. Before he started working for Microsoft, Mario was involved in several projects based on COM+ and DCOM with Visual Basic and Visual C++ as well as projects based on Java and J2SE. With Beta 2 of the .NET Framework, he started developing Web applications with ASP.NET. Right now, as developer evangelist for Microsoft Austria, he is doing workshops, trainings, and proof-of-concept projects together with independent software vendors in Austria based on .NET, Web Services, and Office 2003 technologies.
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With this syntax, you will be prompted to provide your password via secure text entry, which is preferable to potentially leaving your password in your shells history, or expose your password via ps. Alternatively, you can pass the password via the environmental variable $SSO_PASSWD_PATH. NOTE: To clear your shell s history in either the bash or tcsh shells, use the command history c. The sso_util binary has some other uses for larger OD environments as well. For example, it has the ability for a KDC administrator to generate Kerberose principals for a specific host, at which point a lesser privileged administrator can Kerberise the services on the host side. The process starts with the KDC admin first generating the record. In this case, we will be generating a record for host mail.myco.com in our OD domain myco.com:
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CHAPTER 1: Security Quick-Start
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Friend WithEvents conn As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection
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Using Parameters
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CHAPTER 1: Accessory Overview
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