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Listing 9.13
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Version Control with Subversion 35
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You should now understand what continuous integration can do for you and your team. It may seem confusing to set up and maintain CI with all the essential tools; but as you ll learn throughout this book, it s simple if you take things a step at a time.
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The first element within the <Body> identifies the web services operation being invoked. In this case, it is the makeReservation operation. Directly beneath the <titan:makeReservation> element are the parameters of the RPC call, each represented by an element with a value. EJB 3.1, but not the WS-I Basic Profile 1.1, supports the RPC/Encoded mode of SOAP messaging. Most SOAP applications used RPC/Encoded when web services were first created. However, the web services industry has moved toward Document/Literal and
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Deletes entity from table
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Working with HTTP
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The MIDP GUI API, from user interface widgets to event handling mechanisms, is wholly contained in the javax.microedition.lcdui package. Again, the user interface is broken out into two API levels: high and low. We will first explore the high-level API that provides a set of predefined user interface elements used in building more business-oriented applications. Afterwards, we will examine the low-level API that provides the application developer with a great deal of freedom to draw shapes on the screen but at a cost of more acutely managing the display.
Combining the two methods for executing test cases shown in this recipe with the ability to execute tests with Ant provides you with a robust test evaluation system. Using Ant to build a regression system in the build process provides long-term
The <operation> element has the type attribute set to INSERT, which means the test data will be inserted into the tables. All options to the type attribute are shown in table 10.1.
xcoordinate/Double xCoordinate/Double XCoordinate/Double Xcoordinate/Double student/Boolean student/boolean
For brevity, we ll continue to use the annotation-based approach in our examples.
."<description>%s</description>\n<price>%s</price>\n", $myrow["id"], $myrow["title"], $myrow["description"], $myrow["price"]); if (!is_null($myrow["colors"])){ echo "<colors>{$myrow['colors']}</colors>\n"; } if (!is_null($myrow["sizes"])){ echo "<sizes>{$myrow['sizes']}</sizes>\n"; } echo "</garment>\n"; } echo "</garments>\n"; >
Until now, you ve seen no code using C/C++-style pointers. Pointers are central to the C family of languages, but in C#, pointers are relegated to unusual and advanced programming; typically, they are used only with P/Invoke, and occasionally with COM. C# supports the usual C pointer operators, listed in Table 19-1.
Named Native Queries
@Stateless public class PlaceBidBean implements PlaceBid { ... public PlaceBidBean() {} public Bid addBid(Bid bid) { System.out.println("Adding bid, bidder ID=" + bid.getBidderID() + ", item ID=" + bid.getItemID() + ", bid amount=" + bid.getBidAmount() + "."); return save(bid); } ... }
The new way to achieve interoperability with heterogeneous systems is web services. In chapter 15 we discuss exposing EJB 3 stateless session beans as web services and invoking web services from EJB 3 applications. But that s a whole chapter away, and we re not through talking about migration yet. Let s see; we ve talked a bit about swapping bean invocations between EJB 2 and EJB 3 what do you say we explore how to migrate session beans next
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