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<index type="string" column="IMAGE_NAME"/> <composite-element class="Image"> <property name="filename" column="FILENAME" not-null="true"/> <property name="sizeX" column="SIZEX"/> <property name="sizeY" column="SIZEY"/> </composite-element> </map>
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Once again, it s usually better to use the default values because it makes your configuration more readable to your users. The final step configures directory providers to share index changes with the slaves. barcode
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<tbody id="clientEvents"> </tbody> </table> </div> </form> <script type="text/javascript">
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544 | Appendix E: Message-Driven EJB: Status Update Listeners Example
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Listing 3.21 (continued)
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lblProduct.Text = ddlProduct.SelectedItem.Value + "<br />" + description
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SELECT OBJECT(e) FROM Employee AS e SELECT e FROM Employee e
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Listing 4.15 renderSimple() function
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Figure 2.3 While stepping through code in debug mode you can place the mouse cursor above variables to display their state.
MDB Containers
SET shouldReloadDatabase=true CommonDeploy.bat
Occur operators
For versions of Image::Magick 5.2.6 and before, there was no such method. Version 5.3.9 of Image::Magick provides the user with the QueryFontMetrics() and QueryFont() methods, Unfortunately, this addition arrived too late to allow changes to this chapter before publication.
Command Pattern |
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