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access to another set of classes that will make your life easier. In particular, if you have problems accessing a method defined in the SDK, you can look in the appropriate class reference and see the framework that s required near the top of the reference. All you have to do to add a framework to Xcode is Ctrl-click the Frameworks folder in your Xcode side pane and choose Add > Existing Frameworks. Xcode will show you a long list of frameworks. When you choose one, it s automatically set up as a target when you compile. Your default frameworks are selected by the template that you choose to use when you create your project. For example, the Window-Based Application determines that you have access to the Core Graphics, Foundation, and UIKit frameworks at the start. Other templates may give access to other frameworks with no additional work required on your part.
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This means that, regardless of whether the updates executed within the transaction succeed, the transaction must be rolled back when completed. This method can be invoked by any BMT EJB participating in the transaction or by the client application. The setRollBackOnly() method can throw one of two checked exceptions: an IllegalStateException is thrown if the current thread is not associated with a transaction, and a SystemException is thrown if the transaction manager (the EJB server) encounters an unexpected error condition.
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private void tvwSource_AfterCheck (object sender, TreeViewEventArgs e) { SetCheck(e.Node,e.Node.Checked); }
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To add editing approval capabilities to our own portal we must find a way to create two versions of each page: one version would contain the approved content that is publicly visible, while the other version would contain changes awaiting approval. Figure 8.3 shows the editing process in our portal as it currently stands when a user designs or edits the web parts.
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Adding iPad-specific interface components
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test: [junit] Testsuite: org.example.antbook.junit.SimpleTest [junit] Tests run: 2, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 0.09 sec [junit] ------------- Standard Output --------------[junit] Hi from inside System.out.println [junit] ------------- ---------------- --------------[junit] [junit] Testcase: testSomething took 0.01 sec [junit] Testcase: testOutput took 0 sec [junitreport] Using Xalan version: 2.1.0 [junitreport] Transform time: 932ms BUILD SUCCESSFUL Total time: 2 seconds.
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Finally, we need to assert that our application changed the price value correctly. This will require some additional work in our view, because it s currently quite difficult to locate a specific data-bound HTML element. The original test merely searched for the price text anywhere in the page. But this means that our test could pass even if the price wasn t updated, because the text for the price might show up for something unrelated, such as another product, the version text at the bottom of the screen, the shopping cart total, and so on. Instead, we need to use a similar tactic of displaying our information as we did for rendering our edit templates. We ll use the expression-based display templates, as shown in listing 20.18.
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Understanding layout
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Listing 7.7
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The power of technologies like ASP.NET lies in the ability to work with server controls and, particularly, web controls. A web control is an object that abstracts and manages a particular portion of the web page, be it a single element (like a text box) or a table (like a grid). A web control covers the tasks from the rendering of the HTML to postback handling and communication with other server controls. All of the web control s logic is programmed, encapsulated, and executed on the server side as soon as you declare the web control on the page. Having learned how to use the Microsoft Ajax Library to build client components, you ll find out in this chapter how to wire them programmatically to ASP.NET server controls to obtain Ajax-enabled controls. By the end of the chapter, you ll learn how to build ASP.NET server controls with Ajax capabilities. create qrcode
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Listing 12.5
Once the user has made the various setting changes, a click on the OK button saves each new setting to its storage area. I ve included the database-focused saving code in the SaveFormData routine. I ll let you add the settings-focused code, near the end of that routine.
The query to accomplish the join might look something like this:
In the initialize method, we are obtaining a java.sql.Connection from the injected data source and saving it into the connection instance variable used in processShippingRequest. At some point, the container decides that our bean should be removed from the pool and destroyed (perhaps at server shutdown). The PreDestroy callback gives us a chance to cleanly tear down bean resources before this is done. In the cleanup method marked with the @PreDestroy annotation, we tear down the database connection resource before the container retires our bean:
Generating and maintaining method permissions
When a JMS server doesn t receive an acknowledgment for a message sent to a consumer, the server s only recourse is to attempt to redeliver the message. This sets the stage for a potentially wicked game of hot potato. The game goes something like this:
In this chapter, we covered a variety of ways that you can import primarily text-based data into your iPhone program. User action is one of the most important methods, and one well covered by previous sections. Besides the UITextFields, UITextViews, and UISearchBars, there are any number of non-textual interface options. Preferences mark the other major way that users can influence your program. You can either program them manually or use the System Setting bundle. Ultimately, user input is going to be somewhat limited because of the slow typing speed of the iPhone. If you re dealing with piles of text, you more frequently want to pull that data from an existing resource on the iPhone.
The cost of many EJB architecture benefits is that you must maintain multiple files per bean. For each bean, you need at minimum the implementation class, the
Associations and components
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