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var enumerable = Data as IEnumerable; if (enumerable != null) Wraps vulnerable { JSON securely Data = new {d = enumerable}; } var serializer = new JavaScriptSerializer(); response.Write(serializer.Serialize(Data)); } } }
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Creating the JSP The next step is to create a JSP that uses the JSPHelper to return customer order information in an XML format. The schema of the XML provides a customer first name, last name, and phone number as demographics and 0 to n orders. The structure is as follows.
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Make the included condition as simple or as complex as you need. Putting the Until or While clause at the bottom of the loop guarantees that the statements inside the loop will always be processed at least once:
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Hello World
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20.1.4 Running the test
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Listing 14.11 Action mapping for /viewCategory
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Suppose you re developing a new podcasting application for Windows 7. For this application, you want to convert MP3 files to WMA. To convert an MP3 file, you first need to read the file from a hard disk (and eventually write the result). Even though there are thousands of different disk drives, you don t need to concern yourself with the implementation of these drives because the operating system provides you with an abstracted view of the disk drive. To save the converted file to the disk, you can write the file to the filesystem; the operating system manages how it s written to the physical device. The same piece of code that you would use to save your podcast will work, regardless of the physical disk drive. In the same way that Windows 7 abstracts the complexities of the physical hardware of a desktop PC away from your application, Windows Azure abstracts the physical cloud infrastructure away from your applications using configuration and managed APIs.
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Figure 6.12 A standard one-to-many association using a foreign key column
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And the Attach and Detach methods change accordingly:
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public interface Identifiable { public void setId(String id); public String getId(); }
available connections, as shown in figure 9.2 (b), more requests can be serviced in a given amount of time. All other things being equal, figure 9.2 (b) s connection pool will double the application s throughput depicted in figure 9.2 (a). When attempts to get an application to scale prove frustrating, or even downright impossible, bottlenecks are the usual suspects. In general, a bottleneck is any chokepoint that restricts throughput. When a bottleneck is suspected, load testing tools are called to the rescue. Load testing tools are invaluable. They first put a load on an application, then shine light on any bottlenecks that rear their ugly heads. In section 9.7.5, we ll capture a nasty little bottleneck in the wild by writing an automated load test. Before we do, however, we must discuss an antipattern everybody knows but nobody likes to talk about: Premature Optimization.
flush() and FlushModeType
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