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Then you have to worry about the problem of generalization: Is there anything different for sort (aggregate), what about sorting to create an index; and is the cost of sorting in a sort/merge join in any way different from a simple sort Finally, of course, there are the O/S issues does the costing mechanism make any allowance for the differences between 32-bit and 64-bit platforms or the availability of asynchronous I/O And before I say anything about how the optimizer calculates the cost of sorts, I would like to draw your attention to a hidden parameter that appeared in 9i, _new_sort_cost_estimate. The default value for this parameter is true, and the description reads enables the use of new cost estimate for sort. Inferring the actual algorithms of the optimizer by checking the results from controlled experiments is virtually impossible especially when there are so many changes between releases, and so many little tweaks that might be due to version, might be bugs, or might be special cases. I m not claiming a complete understanding of the costs for sorts and merge joins but the following notes may help you deal with problems.
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CHAPTER 4: Storage
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s Note In addition to WriteXml(), there are many other ADO.NET methods, including ReadXml(), that can be used to do the same kinds of things (as well as others) that we do in this chapter with T-SQL. However, a Visual Basic programmer can handle XML in many other ways too, so we had to draw the line somewhere. We believe that a T-SQL perspective is the best for starting out, and that by using T-SQL you ll get a real hands-on feeling for XML processing that will make it easy for you to use ADO.NET XML features if you choose to.
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Note Although F# generally enables you to code in a null-free style, F# isn t totally immune to the potential
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2. For the in-depth story about asynchronous calls, please refer to 7.
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Getting Ready to Install a Hack
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Figure 1-3. VBE license agreement
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CHAPTER 8: Training, Get You Some of That
Rules of XML Grammar
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