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Nothing special is needed for the page setup in this report. Right-click an open area inside the design surface, and select Properties. Once the Report Properties dialog box is visible, make sure the report is letter sized and has a portrait page orientation. You may change any other properties of the page setup as you like. Since we ll have everything inside the body section for this report, let s jump directly to designing the body section.
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Simple B-tree Access
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Display piped output and also save it to specified file Program that both displays and lets the user manipulate processes Give specified file current time and date stamp; if it doesn t exist, create a zerobyte file with that name Discover and display network path to another host Set default permissions assigned to newly created files Unmount a file system Add new user Delete all mention of user in system configuration files (effectively deleting the user, although files owned by the user might remain) Remove specified alias Display technical information about current system Unzip a Windows-compatible Zip file Display uptime for system, as well as CPU load average and logged-in users Text editor program Count the number of words in a file Display one-line summary of specified command Display information on where a binary command is located, along with its source code and man page (if applicable)
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To specify a DTD in inline fashion, you need to add a <!DOCTYPE> declaration at the top of the XML document. Listing 5-9 shows how this is done for Employees.xml.
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The PATH environment variable or a data file distributed with your application.
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<param-name>mailServer</param-name> <param-value>mail.portalbook.com</param-value> <description>Address of the SMTP server.</description> </context-param> <context-param> <param-name>fromAddress</param-name> <param-value>info@portalbook.com</param-value> <description>Address used for the sender.</description> </context-param> ... </web-app>
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Now that you know you have a fast enough processor, it is time to check whether you have enough memory in the system. All the editions of SQL Server, with the exception of the Windows Express and Mobile versions, require a minimum of 512MB of RAM onboard your computer. Many of the editions that could be used will run with this, although you shouldn t have too many more applications open and running as they could easily not leave enough memory for SQL Server to run fast enough. Microsoft recommends 1GB or above, and really double that at least for when you start using your SQL Server in earnest. The Windows Express and the Mobile versions have a minimum of 128MB of RAM. Moving the other way, if you wanted to run the Enterprise Edition, then a minimum, and I mean a bare minimum, of 1GB really should be installed, especially if you want to use any of the more advanced features. The more memory the better: I really would recommend a minimum of 1GB on any computer that a developer is using, with 2GB ideal and sufficient to give good all-around performance. If a process can be held in memory, rather than swapped out to hard drive or another area while you are running another process, then you are not waiting on SQL Server being loaded back into memory to start off where it left off. This is called swapping and the more memory, the less swapping could, and should, take place. Taking CPU speed and memory together as a whole, it is these two items that are crucial to the speed that the computer will run, and having sufficient speed will let you develop as fast as possible.
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The Check option checks the table (and its indexes) for errors and integrity. The Repair option attempts to fix errors found with check. See the MySQL documentation (http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql/en/repair-table.html) for details. The Backup option saves one or more tables in the form of a SQL dump to a file that you specify. The Empty option deletes all data from the table. The Drop option removes the table from the database.
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For 10.5 or earlier, or to access additional functionality, you can use the ipmitool command to accomplish the task. To set the IP address on a LOM interface, use the following command:
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Listing 5-6 provides some examples of formatting using the width field, including a negative width indicating left justification, and a currency formatting string the c2 following the colon in the Price column, which is ignored when used with a string. Listing 5-6. Formatting Strings Using the Width Field // string_alignment_specifier.cpp using namespace System; int main() { // The format string is interpreted as follows: // { 0, -30 } 30 characters in width, left-justified. // { 1, 10 } 10 characters in width, right-justified. // { 2, 10:c2 } 10 characters in width, currency with 2 decimal places. String^ format = "{0,-30}{1,10}{2,10:c2}"; String^ header = String::Format(format, "Item", "Quantity", "Price"); String^ str1 = str1->Format(format, "Matches, Strike Anywhere", 10, 0.99); String^ str2 = str2->Format(format, "Gloves", 1, 12.50); String^ str3 = str3->Format(format, "Iodine", 1, 4.99); Console::WriteLine(header); Console::WriteLine(str1 + "\n" + str2 + "\n" + str3); } The output of Listing 5-6 on U.S. English systems is as follows: Item Matches, Strike Anywhere Gloves Iodine Quantity 10 1 1 Price $0.99 $12.50 $4.99
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Table 10-1. Modes of the FOR XML Clause
{ var codeStream:URLStream = event.target as URLStream; var fileData:ByteArray = new ByteArray(); codeStream.readBytes(fileData, 0, codeStream.bytesAvailable); var fileName:String = _downloadUrl.substr( _downloadUrl.lastIndexOf("/") + 1 ); var tempDirectory:File = File.createTempDirectory(); var tempFile:File = new File( tempDirectory.nativePath + File.separator + fileName ); var fileStream:FileStream = new FileStream(); fileStream.open(tempFile, FileMode.WRITE); fileStream.writeBytes(fileData, 0, fileData.length); fileStream.close(); var updater:Updater = new Updater(); updater.update( tempFile, _latestVers.toString() ); } } }
Figure 3 24. Entity model Notepad.edmx You now have User and Note object models that you can work with in your NotepadService. In the next section, you will be preparing NotepadService, which will implement simple create, read, update, and delete operations using the entity model that you generated in this section.
Note IContributeDynamicSink can be compared to a sink provider for dynamic sinks.
The original gray AirPort. This AirPort ran at 802.11b. This AirPort ran at 802.11g and included a pair of Ethernet interfaces (one LAN and one WAN) and a USB port for printer sharing across a network. This is the first device Apple released with the ability to communicate with audio equipment. The AirPort Express has only one network connection and is limited to ten users, making it perfect for a home or small office. This square white AirPort is the latest and greatest. It incorporates the newest 802.11 protocol, 802.11n, and also facilitates file sharing for smaller networks.
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