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Drawer QRCode in visual C#.net Figure 5-25. The object collection as the data source

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Figure 16 34. Removing SMTP Relays
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The Check Stock activity should look like the one shown in Figure 6-5.
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Figure 18 25. Configuring Retrospect 8 grooming scripts
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Using the IsTrial method is straightforward: this method is part of the Microsoft.Phone.Marketplace.LicenseInformation class, and it returns true if an application is being used on a trial basis (i.e., when the user clicks the Free Trial button in the Windows Phone Marketplace instead of Buy) and false if an application is running with a full license. Windows Phone Marketplace handles installation of trial and full licenses and determines when each is appropriate. However, when you execute the IsTrial method while you re developing an application, or before the application user has acquired a trial or a full application license, its behavior is unpredictable. Microsoft documentation currently says that IsTrial would return true, while our tests show the opposite. Regardless of the outcome during the development stage, we should assume that the IsTrial method will work as designed while an application is in development and make provisions for the application to execute properly when it is running under either a trial license or a full license. The short walkthrough that follows demonstrates the use of the IsTrial method and prints a message onto the screen regardless of whether the current application is running under a trial or a full license.
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This is how an observer within the credit card reader application would register to receive notifications.
Calls to the generated proxy implementation of the service will create the transaction through the transaction manager before invoking the service method. If the method completes without error, the proxy commits the transaction. If a runtime exception is thrown, the proxy rolls back the transaction (both through the transaction manager). It thus provides the functionality illustrated in Figure 5-3.
Notice how you used the ColumnName property of the DataColumn object to retrieve the current schema column name in the loop, and then retrieved the value related to that column s definition by using the familiar indexer-style method that uses a DataRow object. DataRow has a number of overloaded indexers, and this is only one of several ways of doing it.
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