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the core kernel program. However, most people generally refer to the entire bundle of programs that make up the operating system as Linux.
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Figure 9 3 illustrates a secure password item for the site, and when accessed, will log in with the account jdoe. The password, as seen, is masked. By clicking on the check box Show password, you will be prompted for the keychain password before it will present the password, even if the keychain is unlocked! This means that even if you walk away from your computer with the keychain unlocked, your nosey coworker won t be able to pop open Keychain Access and peruse your password; they ll need your keychain password for that. However, as stated earlier, they can just go to Safari, and the application will auto fill the information. So, they ll be able to login, but they won t know what your password is. So why is Safari granted full access to the password, but Keychain Access isn t Well, this facility is made possible through the Access Control tab, shown in Figure 9 4.
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<Window x:Class="WPFIntro.Window1" xmlns="" xmlns:x="" Title="WPFIntro" Height="300" Width="300"> <Grid>
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That s it. Our report design is ready now. Please make sure your final report design looks similar to Figure 5-39.
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ApplicationBar.MenuItems.Add(menuItem1); ApplicationBar.MenuItems.Add(menuItem2); 8. Finally, you are ready to test the Application Bar. Save your work and press F5 to start debugging the application using Windows Phone 7 emulator. You should see an Application Bar identical to the one shown in Figure 7 1. If you click the ellipsis to the right of the icons, the Application Bar slides up, revealing two menu items, identical to Figure 7 2.
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It is not uncommon for digital malfeasants to store data in disk images. In order to forensically acquire these, you might find yourself leveraging what is known in the industry as a shadow mount. A shadow mount allows you to mount a read-only file system (from a .dmg) as a read-write structure without altering the original image, similar to how NetBoot works. This is useful for a variety of instances, most of all, for forensics. Let s say you re performing forensics on a machine, and you find that the volume you re inspecting was dismounted dirty. In order for Mac OS X to perform a consistency check on the file system, the volume needs to be mounted as read-write. If you shadow mount the volume, the file system will be mounted read-write, but it will leave your original image intact writing all the changes to the shadow file. In the following example, we will mount a disk image called badguy.dmg that is stored on /Volumes/Images with a shadow mount at /Shadow. First, let s mount it without a shadow mount, using the following command:
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Figure 18 10. Sample output of WeatherRx application for zip code 32202
Figure 4-5. Configuring the SQL connection
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