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CHAPTER 10: Securing Network Traffic
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blnTraceFlag = System.Convert.ToBoolean(System.Configuration. ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings.Get("TraceFlag")); // set the source to something unique for this orchestration strSource = "DebugDemoOrchestration"; // Trace if(blnTraceFlag == true){ strValue = System.Convert.ToString(intValue); System.Diagnostics.EventLog.WriteEntry(strSource,"Value: " + strValue); System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine("Value: " + strValue, strSource); } When using this approach, keep tracing information separate in the orchestration from other functionality, and label it appropriately. You can do this by dedicating an Expression shape to a single trace event and naming it Trace (for example), as shown in Figure 10 18.
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Note For a receive location to be enabled, make sure that the receive location has been associated with a
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The Flexinode module allows you to define your own data types (node types), complete with fields of varying types. The data collected with your defined node types can be shown in table form with sortable columns to facilitate searching. The Event and Location modules can be used alone or in tandem to attach time and place information to any node type. Combined with the Flexinode module, the Event and Location modules allow you to create custom events calendars that not only track events, but also offer location information based on zip codes and geocoding, as well as deep linking to mapping services. Organic groups are a way to encourage members of your site to organize into smaller working groups to share resources and have a space for online collaboration. The Organic Groups module introduces node-level permissions so that groups can have private content not visible to those who aren t members of the group. Group photo albums and RSS feeds for each group are among the other features available. Protecting your site from abuse by spammers is the focus of the Spam module. Based on powerful Bayesian filters that continuously learn from the spam content that is submitted to your site, this module may be the only thing that keeps spammers from turning your site into an online billboard for drugs and sex products. The Devel and Database Administration modules offer convenient tools for maintaining your database and developing Drupal code. They give you a window into the inner workings of Drupal, exposing not only the contents of your Drupal database, but also the actual SQL queries that are used to build each page. Turn to these modules to help solve database-related problems.
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Reinstalling the Software
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Allows the referencing of a previously created milestone. Allows the monitoring of a span of time between two date/time milestones. For example, if you have a milestone for when a process begins and a milestone for when a process completes, you can create a duration milestone to report the time difference between the two milestones. The duration milestone will report on the following time scale (day, hour, minute, or second). Creates a new milestone for grouping of milestones into a single point in time. For example, if you have a milestone indicating when a process completes successfully or when a process fails, you could create a group milestone that indicates a process finished and group the process completes and process fails milestones. The composite or grouped milestone would identify when a process completed regardless of whether it completed or failed. Another common use is in the situation that you have a process that could fail at multiple points and you want to group all failures into a single process failed milestone.
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Figure 4-4. NUnit GUI runner with NUnitEx1 assembly loaded In Figure 4-4, the Tests pane shows the loaded assembly and test cases that will be executed when the test is run. Notice that NotATest is not included in this list. To run this test, click the Run button. After running the tests, you ll notice all the test cases have a green circle to the right of their names. This signifies that the tests passed. A red circle represents a failing test, and a yellow circle indicates a skipped test. In addition to creating test cases, NUnit has a much deeper capability; you have only scratched the surface. The emphasis of this section is not to teach you NUnit but to show you how you can integrate NUnit tests into your build process. With that said, we will now show how you can do exactly that.
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CHAPTER 18: Backup and Fault Tolerance
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<properties> <server> <max-cache-size>1000</max-cache-size> <message-time-to-live>0</message-time-to-live> <durable>true</durable> <durable-store-manager> flex.messaging.durability.FileStoreManager </durable-store-manager> </server> <network> <session-timeout>0</session-timeout> <throttle-inbound policy="ERROR" max-frequency="50"/> <throttle-outbound policy="REPLACE" max-frequency="500"/> </network> </properties> <channels> <channel ref="samples-rtmp"/> <channel ref="samples-amf-polling"/> </channels> </destination> </service>
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Figure 3 44. Defining the comparison value
Your portlets should be aware of the names of the initialization parameters that they expect, but portlets can also retrieve the names of all of their initialization parameters. The getInitParameterNames() method on the PortletConfig object returns an Enumeration object that contains string values for each of the names of the initialization parameters. If no initialization parameters are defined, the Enumeration will be empty.
to refer to it for more advanced mapping examples (including EDI).
Figure 12 20. KisMAC
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