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SQL Server 2000 An enterprise database
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Assuming you have parameter parallel_max_servers set to at least 8, you should get results similar to those in Table 2-5 for the cost of the query.
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Figure 10 19. Configuring tracking within the BizTalk Administration Console 4. In the Tracking Options dialog box, set the desired options for tracking. The settings are generic across one-way and two-way ports. Request Message Before Port Processing: Request messages exist in one-way and two-way ports. Checking this value will track the message prior to being processed by the port (processing includes any pipelines or maps that may be on the port).
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In Listing 5-7, I show you how to extend the server to check whether the remote user is in the group RemotingUsers.
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Introducing Themable Functions
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The simplest way to build strings is via concatenation using the + operator: > "Couldn't put Humpty" + " " + "together again";; val it : string = "Couldn't put Humpty together again"
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inappropriate actions on the system as an administrator without asking for authentication to confirm the action. As a standard user, the likelihood of malware activity and misconfiguration on the system is almost nonexistent. Sharing accounts were added to give other users access to log into shared resources over the network on your computer without giving them physical access to the machine locally. To set up a sharing account, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. Open System Preferences from the Apple menu. Click Accounts to open the Accounts preference pane, and authenticate if needed by clicking the lock icon. Click the plus (+) sign on the lower left side of the pane. Select Sharing Only in the Type field (see Figure 3 2).
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You can use this dialog box to specify how the application will start for example, launching the current page (in the IDE) as the start page, specifying a particular page, or starting an external program first before launching the site. You can also specify the server to use and how to authenticate against that server.
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DataAdapter is a bridge between the underlying data source and the DataSet. DataAdapter comes into the picture when you want to perform any of the following: Populate the DataSet from database data Update the data source after modifying the DataSet by adding, deleting, or updating DataRow objects
Figure 10-5. The finished CameraAccess project UI 4. Make certain the two click events have the delegates in the code behind file, MainPage.xaml.cs, as shown below. In addition, add a variable for CaptureSource named source. public partial class MainPage : UserControl { CaptureSource source; public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); }
When you enable the CBO trace (event 10053) at level 1, an early section of the trace file shows the list of optimizer-related parameters. This varies quite significantly from version to version, so I have included Table B-2 here, cross-referencing the values reported by the different versions. I find it particularly useful to refer to this from time to time when upgrading a system, keeping a careful eye on the parameters that change from false to true (e.g., unnest_subquery). Sometimes a performance problem can appear because a new feature has been enabled and this list may tell you which feature is the one that doesn t work well with your data distribution. The driving feature of this list is the 10g parameter set. Any parameters that are hidden in 10g but not hidden in earlier versions have their values marked with ** in the columns of the versions where they used to be visible parameters.
CHAPTER 5: Production Support
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