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string connectionString = WebConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["AW"].ConnectionString; using (SqlConnection sqlCon = new SqlConnection(connectionString)) { sqlCon.Open(); lblVersion.Text = sqlCon.ServerVersion; }
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Also in 6, you saw one way to include a native object in a managed type. A somewhat cleaner way to include this is to use a template class that takes care of making sure that the native class gets cleaned up properly automatically when the enclosing class exits. Listing 12-21 defines a template reference type native_root that encapsulates the native pointer and can be
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The XML instance shown in Figure 7 11 represents the generated output from testing the business rule created in this solution.
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Where s the Buffet
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Transformational Traversals of Abstract Syntax Representations
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Inventory Your Contributed Modules
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The fastforward method fast-forwards a track. The parameter timeInSeconds represents the fastforward time we want to seek. The default is two seconds.
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Figure 12 5. Base station configuration
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One of the most critical aspects of securing Screen Sharing is limiting which users are allowed to connect to your system remotely. The Allow access for section is where you would configure which users (from the Accounts pane in System Preferences) have access to share any of these services by clicking the plus (+) button. Select the user from the list in the dialog box (see Figure 15 2) that you would like to grant access to this preference, and then click the Select button.
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Since we already have the dataset in the project, it s time to add a data table to it. Please use the following steps to add a data table inside the dataset: 1. You can go to the dataset designer in two ways: double-click dsAgedAR inside Solution Explorer, or right-click the dsAgedAR node and select View Designer. 2. Let s add the data table by right-clicking the design surface and selecting Add DataTable. 3. Click the header of the newly created data table, and name it dtAgedAR. Let s start adding columns to dtAgedAR by right-clicking the data table and selecting Add Column. 4. Please add the following columns into the data table, which should then look similar to Figure 5-9: InvoiceNo (System.String) CustomerName (System.String) Amount (System.Double) InvoiceAge (System.Int32)
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Download at
package com.apress.timesheets.dao; import java.util.List; import com.apress.timesheets.entity.UserAccount; public interface UserAccountDao { // Create methods public void create(UserAccount account); // Read methods public List<UserAccount> list(); public UserAccount read(Long id); public UserAccount read(String accountName); // Update methods public void update(UserAccount account); // Delete methods public void delete(UserAccount account); public void delete(Long id); } In fact, the You Ain t Gonna Need It (YAGNI) principle of agile programming suggests that I may already have produced a more complicated API than is strictly required for the timesheet application, although it is still useful for the purposes of my examples. In a real application, your API should be driven by the requirements and should not necessarily reflect Listing 4-2 exactly. If one of the CRUD operations is not required by your application s use cases, there is no need to implement it.
similar to this in their 128-bit form: CB4C4189B1861E19BC9A9BDA59. In their 64-bit form, they will be shorter and may look similar to 4D9ED51E23. A passphrase will take the form of a single short sentence. In home and office environments, WPA networks are usually protected with passphrases. In larger corporate or academic environments, you might find the network is protected with a WPA certificate.
From your perspective, the single most important impact of the OS version is program compatibility. RIM devices are backwards compatible; that is, a program that runs on the 4.2 version of software will also run on the 4.5 version. However, they are not forwards compatible. You cannot run a program designed for newer software on older software. Note: Compatibility is generally determined by API usage, not the actual compiler. If you compile an app using the 4.5 version of the BlackBerry JDE, but only use APIs from version 4.2, the app can run on a 4.2 handset.
Figure 9-19 shows you how simple it is to create a ClickOnce deployment using MSBuild. Note that in this example, you used Visual Studio 2005 to add the ClickOnce properties to the project file. Having Visual Studio 2005 is obviously not a requirement you can modify the project file using any text editor. All you need to know is where and how the ClickOnce properties are stored in the project file. To build a ClickOnce deployment using MSBuild, all you need to do is the following: 1. Create a signing certificate (optionally using the signing tool, sn.exe, that ships with the .NET Framework SDK) this is the certificate that will be used to sign the ClickOnce manifest files. 2. Add the ClickOnce properties to the project file. Do this by adding properties to the first property group defined in the project file. For example, the following code lists some of the ClickOnce properties stored in a typical project file: <PropertyGroup> <PublishUrl>c:\deployments\</PublishUrl>
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