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Ubuntu s nearest equivalent to a Windows-style desktop shortcut is a launcher, and you can create a launcher that points to a program or a file. If a launcher is created for a file,
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Three of the other five T-SQL data types map to types compatible with Visual Basic. Two of the T-SQL data types, cursor and table, aren t accessible by Visual Basic (see Table 3-12).
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Creating the AdventureWorks Sample Database
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Whenever you use SQL authentication (SQL username and password), there is potential for a security risk. Consider using trusted security for access to the database rather than specifying the username and password in the connection string used by the Database Lookup functoid. For example, here is a connection string that uses SQL security: Provider=SQLOLEDB;Server=localhost;Database=pubs;User ID=sa;Password=password; Trusted_Connection=False And here is an example of a connection string that uses Trusted Security: Provider=SQLOLEDB;Server=localhost;Database=pubs;Integrated Security=SSPI; Keep in mind that if you choose Trusted Security for authentication, the account under which the BizTalk host instance is running must have appropriate access to the SQL Server, the SQL database, and the table in which the Database Lookup functoid is looking. Another option to enclosing connection string information within the Database Lookup functoid is to make use of a Universal Data Link (UDL) file. A UDL is simply a text file with the file extension .udl. The connection string is included within the UDL file, and the connection string parameter in the Database Lookup functoid becomes a reference to that file, for example: File Name=c:\BizTalkConfig\ConnectionString.UDL Once the UDL file is created, it can be made available on a secure file share.
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You can unlock the schema using the Administrative tool provided with 10g XE installation. Please consult the Oracle help documentation for more information.
// The time interval per visible sample let timePerUnit = let samplew = float32(visibleSamples) / float32(plotBox.Width) max 1.0f samplew // The pixel interval per visible sample let pixelsPerUnit = let pixelspan = float32(plotBox.Width) / float32(visibleSamples) max 1.0f pixelspan // Compute the range we need to plot let (lo, hi) = data.FindMinMax(int64(timePerUnit), initView, initView + int64(visibleSamples), minVisibleValue, maxVisibleValue) // Save the range to help with computing sizes next time around lastMin <- lo; lastMax <- hi // We use these graphical resources during plotting use linePen = new Pen(x.ForeColor) use axisPen = new Pen(axisColor) use beginPen = new Pen(beginColor) use gridPen = new Pen(Color.FromArgb(127, axisColor), DashStyle=DashStyle.Dash) use fontColor = new SolidBrush(axisColor) // Draw the title if (x.Text <> null && x.Text <> string.Empty) then let sz = measurestring x.Text let mw = (float32(plotBox.Width) - sz.Width) / 2.0f let tm = float32(plotBox.Bottom - plotBox.Height) let p = PointF(float32(plotBox.Left) + mw, tm) g.DrawString(x.Text, x.Font, new SolidBrush(x.ForeColor), p) // Draw the labels let nly = int((float32(plotBox.Height) /valBox.Height) / 3.0f) let nlx = int((float32(plotBox.Width) / timeBox.Width) / 3.0f) let pxly = plotBox.Height / max nly 1 let pxlx = plotBox.Width / max nlx 1 let dvy = (hi - lo) / float32(nly) let dvx = float32(visibleSamples) / float32(nlx) let drawString (s:string) (xp:float32) (yp:float32) = g.DrawString(s,x.Font,fontColor,xp,yp) // Draw the value (y) labels for i = 0 to nly do let liney = i * pxly + int(valBox.Height / 2.0f) + 2 let lblfmt = verticalLabelFormat let posy = float32(x.Height - plotBox.Top - i * pxly)
The Portlet Life Cycle
At some point in your professional career you will find yourself in a social setting with your coworkers, and food will be nearby. Trust me, it will happen. It could be something quite informal, such as the sharing of a birthday cake for someone in the department. Or it could be something more formal such as a holiday gathering. No matter what the setting, a few things will remain constant: you, them, and food. In all cases you need to be prepared to make smart choices. One piece of birthday cake would be more than enough. So would one cocktail-sized plate of wings at a happy hour, or just one drink at that same happy hour. The trouble is that when you are surrounded by tasty treats and people to have conversations with, it is all too easy to overindulge. These moments are not limited to special events, either they can happen during your regular routine as well.
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