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15: Context Matters
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You may notice some similarities between this code and what we did for video capture and playback. In both cases, we needed to specify the full class name for the component that will display the content. "net.rim.device.api.ui.Field" indicates that you wish to display the SVG animation in a CLDC Application. To display animations in a MIDlet, ask for a "javax.microedition.lcdui.Item" instead. As usual, you can manipulate the Field to control how the content will be displayed within your application. SVGAnimator uses a simplified version of the Player life cycle with only three states: playing, stopped, and paused. Figure 3-6 shows how the methods play(), pause(), and stop() affect playback.
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If all this talk of vim sounds like too much hard work, don t forget that the GNOME desktop includes an excellent text editor in the form of Gedit. In fact, to describe Gedit as merely a text editor is to do it something of a disservice, because it includes many handy word processor like features. You can call Gedit and open a file in it from the command-line prompt as follows: gedit <filename> If you need to adopt superuser powers to edit the likes of configuration files, simply preface it with gksu: gksu gedit <filename> You ll find Gedit fairly straightforward to use.
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Active Directory
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The second parameter is an optional set of arguments that can be passed to the application. To launch in video record mode, use the appropriate parameter in CameraArguments.
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Because ASP .NET 2.0 has a runtime compilation model, deployment is a lot easier than in previous versions of ASP .NET for simple applications, you just deploy your ASPX and code-behind files, and the web server handles the rest.
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WebKit supports CSS transforms. The syntax is as follows: -webkit-transform. Using the WebKit transform, you can set boxes to be scaled, rotated, skewed, or translated. See the Transform.html content and Figure 5-15.
Figure 4-13. Members of the sysadmin role
Incident Response
first_rows: Deprecated in 9i, but maintained for backward compatibility. The optimizer will attempt to find an execution plan to return the first row of a result set as rapidly as possible. There are several high-level constraints built into the code. For example, one constraint appears to be avoid merge joins and hash joins unless the alternative is a nested loop with a full tablescan on the inner (second) table. The rules tend to push the optimizer into using indexed access paths, which are occasionally very inappropriate access paths. An example of and workaround to this particular issue can be found in the script first_rows.sql in the online code suite for this chapter, available from the Apress web site ( or from the author s web site ( There are two other options for the optimizer_mode (even in 10g): rule and choose. This book is going to ignore rule based optimization (RBO) completely because it has been deprecated for years and was finally desupported in 10g (even though some of the internal SQL still uses the /*+ rule */ hint). As for the choose option, this gave the optimizer a run-time choice between rule based optimization and all_rows. Since I am ignoring rule based optimization, nothing more needs to be said about choose mode. I will just mention that in 10g, if you use the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) to build a database, or call catproc.sql during a manual creation, you will automatically install a job (created by the catmwin.sql script and visible in view dba_scheduler_jobs) that will, every 24 hours, generate statistics on any tables with missing or stale statistics. So, if you set the optimizer_mode to choose, it will probably result in all_rows optimization, but you may find that any tables that missed the most recent pass of statistics generation will then be subject to dynamic sampling. This is because the default value in 10g for the parameter optimizer_dynamic_sampling is 2 (which means use dynamic sampling on any table without statistics), rather than 1, as it was in 9i. Another parameter associated with the optimizer_mode is optimizer_goal. There seems to be no difference between these two parameters as far as optimization strategies go, although the optimizer_goal can only be set dynamically within a session, and is not available in the spfile (init.ora).
Download and run Reflector.NET, select File Open, and navigate to the Microsoft.Phone.dll file located by default at C:\Program Files (x86)\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\Silverlight\v4.0\Profile\WindowsPhone. Drill down into Microsoft.Phone.dll Microsoft.Phone.Marketplace LicenseInformation, right-click the LicenseInformation class, and click Disassemble. Be sure to also click the Expand Methods link on the right.
Figure 11-3. Account details web page Most professional web applications have a great deal more content to which you could navigate, but for the purposes of this exercise, you can see the home page. On the home page, there is a Log Out link that will redirect you to the Logout.aspx Web Form using a Response.Redirect() method. Protected Sub LinkButton1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles LinkButton1.Click Response.Redirect("Logout.aspx") End Sub It then calls the following line of code within the Page_Load method of the Logout.aspx Web Form: Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load FormsAuthentication.SignOut() End Sub
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