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The I/O Bit
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To access the Lead table, you ll use LINQ to SQL, which is a relatively new technology that was introduced by Microsoft with C# version 3.0. In fact, all the database work for the remainder of this book will use LINQ instead of the more traditional approach of datasets and stored procedures. If this is a bit foreign to you, you might want to read Pro LINQ in C# 2008, by Joseph C. Rattz, Jr. This book does an excellent job of introducing the world of LINQ and provides a thorough review of the technology. This is not necessary, however, and I ll explain what you ll need to know to work through these projects. I think you ll find it very easy to use.
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t s now time to install Ubuntu. This is a surprisingly quick task and shouldn t take more than 30 minutes on a modern PC. It s also relatively simple, with very few decisions to make throughout. Ubuntu s installation program automates the task to a high degree. However, you should examine all the options you re offered to make sure they re correct. Installing an operating system involves a couple of serious maneuvers that, via an incorrect click of the mouse or accidental keystroke, bring with them the possibility of data loss. Read and consider every warning message you see, and be sure to keep your wits about you. Above all, make a backup of your data, as described in the previous chapter.
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There are two other commands worth noting: kpasswd and kswitch. The kpasswd command can be used to change a principal s password. The kpasswd command prompts you for both your old and your new password. This can be useful, for example, if you are using an Active Directory environment or troubleshooting why users are unable to reset their own passwords. The kswitch command sets the cache for the default system. There are also a number of files used to track various Kerberos statuses, caches, and settings. For example, the /Library/Preferences/DirectoryService/ DSLDAPv3PlugInConfig.plist property list file maintains a list of all of the service principles created when a user of the host authenticates into a realm. The keytab file is perhaps the most critical file on an operating system to secure. Kerberos uses a keytab file to store pairs of Kerberos principals and their corresponding DES keys. In Mac OS X, the keytabfile is called krb5.keytab and is stored in the /etc directory. Much of the information in the keytab is barely readable to human eyes, much less editable. Therefore, much of the heavy lifting for the keytab will be handled using the kadmin and kadmin.local commands, and in some cases the ktutil command. The former two commands have the same options and features, with the one exception being that kadmin.local is meant to manage Kerberos on a KDC while kadmin is meant to manage Kerberos on all other hosts. The kadmin command supports in regard to utilized ciphers, password restrictions, ticket life, etc. For some example usage of the tool, see the Troubleshooting Kerberised Services section. Earlier, it was mentioned that Mac OS X client acts as a KDC (it s actually an LKDC, to be more specific). The /etc/krb5.conf file can be used to show available realms. For the available realms, the krb5.conf file will show the supported encryption types of each realm along with the configuration options, mappings, rules, and location. An example of the krb5.conf file is shown in the following code:
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Everyone working on iPhone applications should understand the basic life cycle of an iPhone app. The Apple documentation does an excellent job of throwing a lot of information at you. The problem is that you may try to read and understand it all early in your iPhone programming career. Then, as you start to get comfortable with using Interface Builder and are able to create simple apps in your sleep, you forget about all that Apple technical stuff until you ve buried yourself in a coding problem late at night and think that there is no way out. So let s do a little review. In essence, an application s life cycle is (1) the user taps the app icon to being, (2) it executes and you use it to do what you need to do, then (3) you press the home button to terminate the app. Notice that you don t terminate programmatically. I certainly how to generate qrcode
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The Parser for Kitty
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Looking for Specific Elements and Attributes
CHAPTER 3: EA Framework Design Patterns
4. On this list, select Data Binding. 5. In the dialog that pops up, select + XML Data to add an XML data source. 6. This gives another dialog (Figure 8-20 shows both dialogs), where you can name the XML data and point it to the XML file that you created earlier. 7. When you click OK, the data source will be created and added to the Data sources list on the Create Data Binding dialog. Its fields will be listed on the right. As the data source has a collection of Address nodes, these will be indicated as an array in the Fields list (see Figure 8-21).
This will search for myfile using /home/keir as a starting point (which is to say that it will search all directories within /home/keir, any directories within those directories, and so on, because it s recursive). To search the entire file system, type / as the path. Remember that / is interpreted by BASH as the root of the file sytem. If the file is found, you ll see it appear in the output of the command. The full path will be shown next to the filename. If you give find a try, you ll see that it s not a particularly good way of searching. Apart from being slow, it will also return a lot of error messages about directories it cannot search. This is because, when you run the find command, it takes on your user permissions. Whenever find comes across a directory it cannot access, it will report it to you, as shown in the example in Figure 14-4. There are frequently so many of these warnings that the output can hide the instances where find actually locates the file in question! You can avoid these error messages in various ways, but perhaps the quickest solution is to preface the find command with sudo to invoke superuser powers. In this way, you ll have access to every file on the hard disk, so the find command will be unrestricted in where it can search and won t run into any directories it doesn t have permission to enter.
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