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Opening a URL Resource application:handleOpenURL: Managing Status Bar Orientation application:willChangeStatusBarOrientation:duration: application:didChangeStatusBarOrientation: Responding to a Change in Active Status applicationWillResignActive: applicationDidBecomeActive: Controlling Application Appearance application:willChangeStatusBarFrame: application:didChangeStatusBarFrame: Handling Remote Notifications application:didReceiveRemoteNotification:
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The most important configuration decisions you need to make concerning the dba module have to do with user permissions. You can also set options for automatic backups and checking the database integrity.
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Table 3-3. Bitwise Arithmetic Operators and Examples
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Commands aren t much use unless you can execute them, so let s look at that now. Commands have several different methods for executing SQL. The differences between these methods depend on the results you expect from the SQL. Queries return rows of data (result sets), but statements don t. You determine which method to use by considering what you expect to be returned (see Table 6-1).
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Figure 5 53. High-level architecture of the request
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Working with the Grid Control in Expression Blend
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Any iPhone software developer who has ever created an application should understand delegation. For these purposes, let s say you have this application that you re working on. There is only one application, which is a singleton. A singleton means that there is only one of this object, in this case just one UIApplication, in existence. Instead of subclassing UIApplication, you normally create two files, a .c and a .h, that end in AppDelegate. This object will act as the delegate of the UIApplication. In other words, your app delegate implements the stuff that the application normally calls. The code below shows part of the header file for your app delegate. The @interface says that you are defining the interface to the OurAppDelegate object. The elements defined within the curly brackets are the public properties of your object and include the window and navigationController.
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s Note Actually, table names in SQL Server are composed of three parts, and it s the combination that must
In this chapter, you ve learned about several aspects of inheritance in managed type hierarchies. You ve examined the use of new and override for virtual functions, the use of abstract and sealed modifiers for methods and types, and the specifics of virtual properties and events. You ve also looked at some of the special members of a class, constructors, destructors, and finalizers, and examined how they behave in an inheritance hierarchy. You also looked at casts in class hierarchies. In the next chapter, you ll explore interfaces.
You can also configure flat files through their message headers. In addition to configuring the header schema via the Flat File Disassembler or Flat File Assembler pipeline components, you can use the XMLNORM.HeaderSpecName message context property. One common challenge encountered when receiving flat file messages from source systems is determining which schema to apply to different messages. This is particularly important when multiple message types (for example, customer and order message types) are received from the same location. Since flat file messages are not inherently self-describing, as XML messages are, it can be difficult to determine which flat file message schema to apply to the inbound messages. In these scenarios, you can use a solution similar to the Schema Resolver Component SDK example that comes with BizTalk Server. This example shows how to implement a custom Flat File Disassembler pipeline component to dynamically associate message types to inbound instances based on an identifier contained in each instance message. Finally, to assist in testing the assembling and disassembling of flat file messages, the FFAsm.exe and FFDasm.exe tools are provided with BizTalk Server. These tools allow you to run the flat file assembler and disassembler directly against instance messages. These tools can be particularly useful and timesaving when working with large or complex flat file schemas.
(Carbon Copy), To, Date, and X-Spam-Status. Outside servers that perform spam filtration will assign X-Spam headers. This is meant to make it easier for mail clients to scan messages for spam quickly. The X-Spam-Status contains, among other information, a numerical score (from 0 to 10) that indicates the likelihood that a message is spam. E-mail programs that support the use of the X-Spam headers will compare this score against the score that has been determined as an acceptable risk. When configuring this setting on a mail server, it s important to set the threshold value somewhere in the middle, as it is possible for legitimate messages to get filtered out, causing what is known as a false positive. The headers can be accessed using the rule sets of Entourage and Now let s discuss how to configure our mail clients to deal effectively with spam.
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