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Figure 11-34. Changing a number to a string and removing leading spaces
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then forgotten the special meaning of those two predicates (just as it once did when calculating the cost of a simple between clause on a single table). The optimizer should be able to use the predicate ("T2"."N2">="T1"."N2"-1) as the access predicate to start ranging through the second data set, and the predicate ("T2"."N2"<="T1"."N2"+1) as the filter predicate in the same line. This predicate should be tested against each row during the ranging step, and the ranging process should stop the first time the test fails not run to the end of entire data set. Just to complete the picture (although it s a complete mess and virtually illegible), Figure 13-3 compares what Oracle should be doing with what Oracle is doing in this case:
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the project folders, Services.mxml, Controller, and Model Locator. See Figure 3-5.
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CASE WHEN <search condition> THEN <when result> ELSE <else result> END
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Now that we ve covered the physical components of an Xsan, it s important to understand those that reside on Mac OS X. For the purposes of this chapter, Xsan clients are systems that log into an Xsan and mount volumes. Metadata controllers are systems that manage those same volumes. The Xsan software installs and runs a number of services on the computer that manages the actual Xsan. All of the computers that act as Xsan initiators (non-storage devices, such as clients and controllers) run the Xsan software and have a host bus adapter (HBA). Apple sells rebranded LSI Logic HBAs for use with Xsan or for connecting directly to an Xserve RAID or Promise RAID component. Each FC port on these cards has a factory-assigned WWPN (WorldWide Port Name) and WWN (WorldWide Name), the equivalent of an Ethernet adapter s MAC address. In a standard setup you probably won t need to customize any of the card s settings. If necessary, though, you can do so using the FC System Preference pane. Configuration choices are: Automatic, Point-to-Point, and Arbitrated Loop. With Xsan initiators you, use Automatic or Point-to-Point. Each of the host adapters gets plugged into the Fibre Channel switch.
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Figure 5 28. Transform Configuration dialog box 10. Click OK to complete the configuration of the Transform shape. Notice that the Construct Message shape is automatically configured with the Messages Constructed property of CustomerRecords. This indicates that the message constructed in the message transform is that of the destination schema specified in the transform map.
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Unfortunately, the Add activity is not in the toolbox. You ll need to enter this by editing the .xaml code. Save the project. In the Solution Explorer, right-click OrderWF.xaml and choose View Code. It will prompt you to close the existing designer window; just click Yes. The Switch activity is defined by the following code: <Switch x:TypeArguments="x:String" DisplayName="Handling Charges" Expression="[OrderInfo.ShippingMethod]"> sap:VirtualizedContainerService.HintSize="473.6,257.6"> <x:Null x:Key="NextDay" /> <x:Null x:Key="2ndDay" /> </Switch> Notice the x:Null attribute on the NextDay and 2ndDay cases. This indicates that no activity has been defined for these cases. Replace these two lines of code with the following: <Add x:TypeArguments="s:Decimal, s:Decimal, DisplayName="Add 15" Left="[TotalAmount]" Right="[15.0D]" /> <Add x:TypeArguments="s:Decimal, s:Decimal, DisplayName="Add 10" Left="[TotalAmount]" Right="[10.0D]" /> s:Decimal" x:Key="NextDay" Result="[TotalAmount]" s:Decimal" x:Key="2ndDay" Result="[TotalAmount]"
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Listing 3-3. A Simple Implementation with Two Dependencies
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Now let s say that you want to have a group of trusted users who have the ability to moderate comments by marking them with flags like inappropriate content, which, depending on how moderation is configured, might lead to the comment being unpublished. To set this up, you could define a role named Moderator. The Moderator role would receive the Moderate Comments permission, and users who are moderators would be given both the Authenticated User and the Moderator roles. Since the permissions from both roles are added together, these users would have a total of four permissions pertaining to comments: Access Comments, Post Comments, Post Comments Without Approval, and Moderate Comments. Note that in Figure 2-2 the Access Comments permission is assigned to both the Anonymous User role and the Authenticated User role. This is because the Anonymous User role is unique among roles. It cannot be assigned to users as can all other roles. Users who are assigned the Anonymous User role cannot have any other roles and vice versa. In general, the permissions are self-explanatory. For example, the Upload Files and View Uploaded Files permissions are straightforward. Only users in a role that has the Upload Files permission will ever be shown a file upload form. Users who do not have the View Uploaded Files permission will not be shown links to uploaded files.
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As all remoteable objects have to be inherited from MarshalByRefObject, I am using this class as a base class throughout all the chapters of the book for such objects. The first occurrence and explanation can be found in 2 when creating the first .NET Remoting example. More information on MSDN: frlrfsystemmarshalbyrefobjectclasstopic.asp
We ve updated one of our standard portlet application Ant build files with XDoclet support. XDoclet can be run only from an Ant build file, because XDoclet is implemented as a set of Ant tasks. Here is a list of several of the available XDoclet Ant tasks: EJBDoclet: Used for generating local interfaces, home interfaces, application-server specific deployment files, and Struts/EJB integration code WebDoclet: Used for generating a web application deployment descriptor, JSP tag lib TLD files, struts-config.xml files for Struts, and servlet container-specific deployment files
Convert/truncate to sbyte Convert/truncate to byte Convert/truncate to int16 Convert/truncate to uint16 Convert/truncate to int32 Convert/truncate to uint32 Convert/truncate to int64 Convert/truncate to uint64 Convert to float32/single Convert to float/double
medium you are scanning whether it s a full-color picture, a slide/transparency, or a negative. For normal operations, select Full Color Range.
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