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How does a business determine if a profit was made on any given sale The formula in simple: take the invoice value and subtract the cost, and you will end up with profit or loss. Generating more and more invoices is good for the business. However, each of those invoices should meet the profit expectations (or at least should not incur a loss). A sales profit analysis report helps the sales department monitor the profit ratio. In this example, we will list all invoices with their individual profit or loss figures. You ll also see that
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This data type holds a Globally Unique Identifier or GUID. This is similar to the timestamp data type, in that the identifier is created by a SQL Server command when a record is inserted or modified. The identifier is generated from information from the network card on a machine, processor ID, and the date and time. If you have no network card, then the uniqueidentifier is
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There are also a few other options that you don t have in the GUI. These include force, which doesn t write settings to disk, touch, which reads currently enforced settings from the disk, noidle, which prevents idle sleep (and just spins the disk down when it s ready) and sleepnow, which puts the system to sleep right then. sleepnow is useful when you re troubleshooting why a system won t go to sleep. For the Xserve specifically, there is also Lights-Out Management (discussed later in the chapter) in the form of the IPMI toolkit from Intel. You can use that to power systems on, power them off, and perform a few other tasks. This must be secured with a password, using Server Monitor. You can then control state through Server Monitor, or through Apple Remote Desktop. Find out more about IPMI on this page over at
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FlexUnit 4 is a collection of runners that will run to create a complete set of tests. You can define each runner to implement a specific interface. For example, you can elect to use the class you referenced to run the tests in that class instead of the default runner built into FlexUnit4.
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Table 9-3. User Profile Attributes in the web.config
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let ok = match typeof<'a>) with | ty when ty = typeof<int>) | ty when ty = typeof<int32>) | ty when ty = typeof<byte>) | ty when ty = typeof<sbyte>) | ty when ty = typeof<int16>) | ty when ty = typeof<uint16>) | ty when ty = typeof<int64>) | ty when ty = typeof<uint64>) | _ -> false
using (var store = IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication()) { IsolatedStorageFileStream stream = store.CreateFile("TextFile.txt"); StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(stream); sw.Write("Contents of the File); sw.Close(); }
override x.GetHashCode() = hash x.Stamp interface System.IComparable with member x.CompareTo yobj = match yobj with | : MyThing as y -> compare x.Stamp y.Stamp | _ -> invalidArg "yobj" "cannot compare values of different types" The System.IComparable interface is defined in the .NET libraries: namespace System type IComparable = abstract CompareTo : obj -> int Recursive calls to compare subexpressions are processed using the following functions: val hash : 'T -> int when 'T : equality val (=) : 'T -> 'T -> bool when 'T : equality val compare : 'T -> 'T -> int when 'T : comparison Listing 8-2 shows the same for a union type, this time using some helper functions. Listing 8-2. Customizing Generic Hashing and Comparison on a Union Type let inline equalsOn f x (yobj:obj) = match yobj with | : 'T as y -> (f x = f y) | _ -> false let inline hashOn f x = hash (f x)
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The test metadata allows defining an exception attribute and makes it possible to test exceptions. The way it works is that the test method with the expected attributes points to the error message you expect, and the test will pass when the exception is raised. The following example demonstrates the expected attribute of the Test metadata. The rangeCheck method creates a new Sprite object. The code will produce a successful test because the child at index 1 does not exist, and thus the code causes an exception during runtime.
Figure 5-5. Directory structure of the core themes
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