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One of the easiest ways to get going with concurrency and parallelism is to use the System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker class of the .NET Framework. A BackgroundWorker class runs on its own dedicated operating system thread. These objects can be used in many situations but are especially useful for coarse-grained concurrency and parallelism such as checking the spelling of a document in the background. This section shows some simple uses of BackgroundWorker and how to build similar objects that use BackgroundWorker internally. Listing 13-1 shows a simple use of BackgroundWorker that computes the Fibonacci numbers on the worker thread. Listing 13-1. A Simple BackgroundWorker open System.ComponentModel open System.Windows.Forms let worker = new BackgroundWorker() let numIterations = 1000 worker.DoWork.Add(fun args -> let rec computeFibonacci resPrevPrev resPrev i = // Compute the next result let res = resPrevPrev + resPrev // At the end of the computation write the result into mutable state if i = numIterations then args.Result <- box res else // Compute the next result computeFibonacci resPrev res (i+1) computeFibonacci 1 1 2) worker.RunWorkerCompleted.Add(fun args -> MessageBox.Show(sprintf "Result = %A" args.Result) |> ignore) // Execute the worker worker.RunWorkerAsync() Table 13-1 shows the primary members of a BackgroundWorker object. The execution sequence of the code in Listing 13-1 is as follows: 1. 2. The main application thread creates and configures a BackgroundWorker object. After configuration is complete, the main application thread calls the RunWorkerAsync method on the BackgroundWorker object. This causes the DoWork event to be raised on the worker thread. The DoWork event handler is executed in the worker thread and computes the one-thousandth Fibonacci number. At the end of the computation, the result is written into args.Result, a mutable storage location in the event arguments for the DoWork event. The DoWork event handler then completes.
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What Is Silverlight
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Note Discriminated unions are a powerful and important construct and are useful when modeling a finite,
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CHAPTER 8: Digging in Deep
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Once the DVD-ROM has booted in live distro mode, and you ve run the installation program, you may get error messages or experience other difficulties. This section offers some solutions to common installation problems.
It s possible to alter the ordering of the process list according to other criteria. For example, you can list the processes by the quantity of memory they re using, by typing M while top is up and running. You can switch back to CPU ordering by typing P.
Figure 11-13. SinkStack before call to HttpClientTransportSink
Service Options
Figure 9-6. The file explorer application showing the root Now you can implement the Button events, starting with the Up Directory and Open Directory buttons. 11. When the user clicks the Up Directory button, the system will find the current directory s parent directory using System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(), set the current directory to be that parent directory, and reexecute the GetStorageData() method.
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