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Security Warning If data added to newer versions of the serializable type should not be readable by
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Figure 9-11. Data grid view and three tray icons
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CHAPTER 10: Porting Your App
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Note Overriding is a term used in object-oriented programming to describe a situation where another
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On most Linux systems, the root user has power over the entire system. Root can examine any file and configure any piece of hardware. Root typically belongs to its own unique group, also called root. Ubuntu is different from most Linux distributions in that the root account isn t used by default. Instead, certain users, including the one set up during installation, can borrow root-like, or superuser, powers by simply typing their login password. This is done by preceding commands with sudo or gksu at the command-line prompt or as needed when using GUI programs that affect system settings. For some programs, including System Administration Users and Groups, you need to click an Unlock button to gain superuser powers. Until you unlock the Users and Groups program, most of the buttons are grayed out and unusable. If you wish, you can activate the root user account on your system for administration purposes. To activate the root account, use the following command in a terminal window (see 13 for details on issuing commands in a terminal window):
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Flex Data Binding Pitfalls and Common Misuse Mistakes
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CHAPTER 7: Client Management
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Testing the Finished Application
Try It Out: UPPER()
Figure 10-11. Configure VPN
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