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Simple Portlet Example That Includes a Servlet
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GNU Make, NMake, and OPus Make were all extensions of Make but use the same style used by the original BSD Make. For example, they all relied on the makefile and added features (such as macros). Jam and Cook are variants of Make that don t rely on the makefile but use another variation of a text file to define what needs to be built. The interesting feature of these two products is that they support parallel builds while avoiding recursion.
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to log in. This is a quirk of the Windows XP RDP system. The solution is simple: use the User Accounts applet within the Windows Control Panel to assign yourself a password.
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Listing 15-2. A ContextAttribute That Allows You to Intercept Calls using using using using using System; System.Runtime.Remoting; System.Runtime.Remoting.Contexts; System.Runtime.Remoting.Activation; System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging;
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It then creates a WorkflowService class . For the Body property, it uses a new instance of the ProcessRequest class that defines the workflow used to process incoming requests.
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Figure 8-8. Object serialized in SOAP format
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Figure 14 2. GeoCoordinateWatcherDemo design view
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@Transactional public class TimesheetServiceImpl implements TimesheetService { private TimesheetDao timesheetDao; private EmailDao emailDao; // ... service methods omitted ... public void updateTimesheet(final Timesheet timesheet) { timesheetDao.update(timesheet); emailDao.sendTimesheetUpdate(timesheet); }
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public function DragTitleEvent(type:String, selectedImage:String) { super(type); this.selectedImage = selectedImage; } }
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One of the key advantages of XSD schemas over DTDs is that they support data types. These data types have been mapped with the .NET Framework s data types; thus XSD data types can be represented by their equivalent data types in .NET. Table 5-2 lists some of the common XSD data types and their .NET counterparts. Now that you have a brief idea about XSD schemas, their parts, and data types, we will proceed to create XSD schemas by using the various ways described.
Once you have the longitude and latitude information, you want to ensure there is no duplicate information. The reason you don t want duplicate information is that the markers can overlay each other, so in case there is an overlay you will call the adjustLatLng method to adjust a little the longitude, latitude.
When you first instantiate a dataset, it contains no data. You obtain a populated dataset by passing it to a data adapter, which takes care of connection details and is a component of a data provider. A dataset isn t part of a data provider. It s like a bucket, ready to be filled with water, but it needs an external pipe to let the water in. In other words, the dataset needs a data adapter to populate it with data and to support access to the data source. Each data provider has its own data adapter in the same way that it has its own connection, command, and data reader. Figure 13-2 depicts the interactions between the dataset, data adapter, and data source.
1. You could also use soapsuds -ia:server -nowp -oa:generated_meta.dll to generate a metadata assembly that will be referenced by the client application, but this is not recommended.
A project can accumulate quite a large number of classes, so we may want to organize them more effectively. The .NET Framework consists of thousands of classes. It would be cumbersome trying to locate them if they were not organized. This organization comes from the use of namespaces, a way to specify a logical grouping for similar classes. For example, classes pertaining to vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, and so on, may be placed into a Vehicles namespace. All classes that deal with the mechanics of the vehicle may be placed into a Mechanics namespace. This organizes the code so when you access it via IntelliSense (as you ll see later), it is easier to drill down and find the classes you are looking for. If named well, it also makes it easier to determine where a class might be if you are looking for a specific type of functionality. For example, if you want to delete a file on your computer with VB .NET and you are not sure which class would do it, you might drill into System, then into IO, and then you would see the File class, which presumably would contain the Delete method for a file. Specify a namespace by wrapping the class in a namespace declaration as follows: NameSpace Vehicles Public Class Car End Class End NameSpace
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