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To test the finished application, press F5. The result should resemble the screenshot shown in Figure 6 10, and you will see that the x, y, z, and time text blocks are constantly being updated each time you click the Start button. Remember that to run the application on a Windows Phone 7 device, you must choose the Windows Phone 7 Device option shown in Figure 6 14.
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ChannelServices Class
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Listing 8-4. The Second Client As Simple As the First Client using System; using SimpleComponent; namespace SecondClientApp { class SecondClientApp { [STAThread] static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine("Second Client started!"); SimpleClass cls = new SimpleClass(); string result = cls.DoSomething("Called from 2nd client...");
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Figure 7-15. Schema extracted by using the InferXmlSchema() method As you can see, the schema loaded by both methods is identical in our example.
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Microsoft provides the file Silverlight.js as part of the Silverlight SDK. This file contains everything that you need to instantiate and use the Silverlight plug-in on your page. It manages what to do with different browser versions, and provides a download location and terms-of-service and license information to the end user, making the download process safe, secure, and easy. As Silverlight is a browser plug-in, it is hosted in an HTML page, and your page should have a script reference to this JavaScript file. This will look something like this:
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Generally, it is quite disastrous to do any updates to columns with enabled bitmap indexes, or even to do inserts and deletes on a table with enabled bitmap indexes. Concurrent DML operations can easily cause deadlocks, and even small serialized DML operations can cause bitmap indexes to grow explosively. The situation for small, occasional changes has improved in 10g, but for earlier versions, you may find that if you can t disable the bitmap index when you need to apply changes to the data, then creating it with an initial large percentage of empty space (specifically pctfree 67) may stabilize the index at a reasonable level of space wastage.
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The Application Delegate
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Formatting Aids
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Creating a Button Component
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[_accessoryList removeObjectAtIndex:disconnectedAccessoryIndex];
To see the changes you made to the application download http://code.google.com/p/advancedflex4/ 3, TwitterTags-step2. Compile and run the AIR application you built so far, as shown in Figure 3-21.
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