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In this chapter, you read about the creation of the various kinds of sinks. Together with the previous chapter, you re now fully equipped to implement your own sinks to enhance the feature set of .NET Remoting. You also made first contact with dynamic context sinks, a topic that is covered in more detail in 15. I admit that the last two chapters have been quite heavy in content, but in the next chapter I reward your patience by showing some real-world sinks that employ all the techniques presented here.
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Note Not all PCs are created equal when it comes to power-saving features. Some support more functionality than others. In addition, Ubuntu is compatible with most but not all power-management systems, and it might not be able to support certain power-management functionality on your system, even if such functionality normally works under Windows.
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if (accessoryController == nil) { accessoryController = [[GameController alloc] init]; } return accessoryController; } #pragma mark #pragma mark Internal Methods - (void)setupControllerForAccessory:(EAAccessory *)accessory withProtocolString:(NSString *)protocolString { [_accessory release]; _accessory = [accessory retain]; [_protocolString release]; _protocolString = [protocolString copy]; } - (BOOL)openSession { [_accessory setDelegate:self]; _session = [[EASession alloc] initWithAccessory:_accessory forProtocol:_protocolString]; //_session = [[EASession alloc] initWithAccessory:_accessory forProtocol:@"COM.MACMEDX.P1"]; if (_session) { [[_session inputStream] setDelegate:self]; [[_session inputStream] scheduleInRunLoop:[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop] forMode:NSDefaultRunLoopMode]; [[_session inputStream] open]; [[_session outputStream] setDelegate:self]; [[_session outputStream] scheduleInRunLoop:[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop] forMode:NSDefaultRunLoopMode]; [[_session outputStream] open]; } else { NSLog(@"creating session failed"); } return (_session != nil); } - (void)closeSession { [[_session inputStream] close]; [[_session inputStream] removeFromRunLoop:[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop] forMode:NSDefaultRunLoopMode]; [[_session inputStream] setDelegate:nil]; [[_session outputStream] close]; [[_session outputStream] removeFromRunLoop:[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop] forMode:NSDefaultRunLoopMode];
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1. Click System Administration Windows Wireless Drivers. Enter your password
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RemotingProxy [RealProxy]
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Software applications deal with data in a wide array of forms: single values such as integers or strings; composite values paired together as tuples, records, or objects; collections of smaller pieces of data represented as lists, sets, arrays, or sequences; XML strings with tags describing the shape and kind of data; and data coming from relational or object-oriented databases, just to name a few. This chapter looks at ways of working with some common data sources: In 3, you saw that sequences, similar to other enumerable data types such as lists, arrays, maps, and sets, have various aggregate iteration, query, and transform operators. This chapter first looks at how you can use these operators in a straightforward manner to form SQL-like operations over in-memory collections. This mechanism can be further tuned and applied to other data sources where the original data source is mapped to a sequence. We cover how you can work with relational databases from F# programs using the ADO.NET libraries. You learn how to connect to a database; create, update, and delete tables and records using simple SQL statements; access database data sequentially; and work with parts of tables using disconnected in-memory representations. You also learn how to manage database connections and data sources; create databases; add new tables; and work with relationships, constraints, and stored procedures using Visual Studio. We cover how you can use the Language Integrated Query (LINQ) infrastructure in combination with F# metaprogramming to bring relational data query logic into reach without explicit use of SQL. The essential goal is to write database queries in F# itself using the same techniques you use to query in-memory data structures. Finally, the chapter looks at the use of XML as a generic data format. You saw in 9 how to work with the XML Document Object Model (DOM), and we briefly survey how to desugar XML into sequences using LinqToXml.
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People Will Resist Change
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These check boxes enable you to specify the following: Paging: If you have a large set of records, you don t want the user to have to scroll down to find what they want. Paging enables you to specify the size of the returned grid in number of rows. It also provides hyperlinks across the bottom of the grid, enabling the user to navigate through pages of data. You may find in more advanced applications that the developer chooses to perform the paging in the database tier within their stored procedures. This is very effective in that it doesn t persist a large amount of data on the presentation tier, and it reduces the amount of traffic on the wire. ASP .NET gives you the facility to page on the client, should you choose to, and SQL Server gives you the facility to page on the database tier, should you choose to. It s all about flexibility!
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Communicate Your Actions
Figure 3-23. ObjRefs are pointing to server-side objects.
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The AppendixData folder contains the scripts you ll need to set up the database schema. First, create a SQL Server database for this solution. Expand the Create Scripts folder and run the included scripts in the following order:
How does a Windows service help users of client-side reporting Like all the clients we ve used in previous chapters, a Windows service has its own merits to qualify as a good client host. A Windows service application runs in the background as long as the operating system (Windows) is running, so a user can start, stop, or customize the service using the Control Panel. A Windows service application with a timer control hosted inside it is a killer solution to produce and deliver time-sensitive reports. In such cases, delivering the report without requiring any human intervention is the key factor in increasing efficiency. There are a few choices of delivery: the report can be sent as an e-mail attachment, uploaded to an FTP site, or delivered in just about any way the business case demands. A Windows service application can be installed on either an individual s PC or a server. If installed on a server, a single instance can service many different report delivery destinations based on settings provided to the application.
If the description of the change in strategy isn t enough to convince you that using the automatic workarea sizing is a good idea, then let s consider some more realistic examples of SQL. Very few sites are content to stop at queries against just two tables, and when you start executing multitable hash joins, your memory demand can go through the roof. Consider this simple query (extracted from script treble_hash_auto.sql in the online code suite): select /*+ ordered full(t1) full(t2) full(t3) full(t4) use_hash(t2) use_hash(t3) use_hash(t4) swap_join_inputs(t2) swap_join_inputs(t3) */ count(t1.small_vc), count(t2.small_vc), count(t3.small_vc), count(t4.small_vc) from t1, t4, t2, t3
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