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Any changes made to the database within the designer can be saved as a script. Use the following Generate Change Script button to accomplish this.
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3. I personally prefer using services that are part of a cloud. You can rely on a service that sits
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So far, so simple. One advantage of this approach comes as you write combinators that put these together in useful ways. For example, for tuples let tup2P p1 p2 (a, b) (st: outstate) = (p1 a st : unit) (p2 b st : unit) let tup3P (p1 a (p2 b (p3 c p1 st st st p2 p3 (a, b, c) (st: outstate) = : unit) : unit) : unit)
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public void UploadPhoto() { HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(""); request.ContentType = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"; request.Method = "POST"; request.BeginGetRequestStream(new AsyncCallback(GetRequestStreamCallback), request); }
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CHAPTER 3: Media Playback
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Here is the verification condition being checked interactively, for 5-bit inputs, in chunks of 2 for the carrySelectAdder: > bddBuilder.Equiv (checkAdders 5 2) True;; val it : bool = true In practice, BDDs require a good variable ordering, and the default alphabetic ordering is unlikely to be the best. Here is a larger verification using a more random ordering induced by first comparing on the hash codes of the names of the variables: let approxCompareOn f x y = let c = compare (f x) (f y) if c <> 0 then c else compare x y let bddBuilder2 = BddBuilder(approxCompareOn hash)
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WebSharper enables you to use F# in your client-side coding and gives you nearly the entire F# language to develop client code including powerful language features such as pattern matching, active patterns, discriminated unions and records, classes, interfaces, exceptions, and asynchronous computations, among others. It also comes with proxies for a large part of the F# core libraries and .NET namespaces, enabling you to use those seamlessly in your WebSharper applications without having to worry about how to map them to JavaScript. WebSharper also lets you map additional .NET libraries and enlist them in the WebSharper space by writing proxies for them. Similarly, you can provide stubs for existing JavaScript libraries and technologies and write F# code to access them, freeing you from developing untyped JavaScript code. For more information about writing .NET proxies and JavaScript stubs, please refer to the documentation available on the WebSharper project site. At the time of writing, WebSharper comes with a number of extensions to various JavaScript technologies, including JQuery, Google Maps and Visualization, Yahoo UI, JQuery UI, JQuery Tools, and others.
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Kerberos: Very Fast Track
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This enumeration is used in conjunction with the RegisterWellKnownService type method for registering-server activated objects in .NET Remoting server components. It allows you to select the mode of the server-activated object, which can be Singleton or SingleCall. I explain the difference between Singleton and SingleCall objects in 3 when presenting the details about server-activated objects. More information on MSDN: frlrfsystemruntimeremotingwellknownobjectmodeclasstopic.asp
Figure 10-18. Adding a workflow console application
Compiz Fusion works by packaging each effect as a plug-in, and CompizConfig Settings Manager simply lets you switch these plug-ins on and off, as well as change their settings. One of the most important settings you can change for most plug-ins is the keyboard combination that activates them. On the right side of the main window is the list of plug-ins. You can enable them by checking the check box beside them. You can also change the settings of the plug-in by clicking the plug-in name and icon. This opens the settings page for the plug-in, with a single or few tabs containing configuration settings. You ll also see a brief description of the effect on the left side of the program window. When you ve finished, click the Back button. In the left column, you can use the Filter text box at the top to search for a particular plug-in; the search results will be displayed on the right side of the window. Beneath the Filter section is the Category listing, which groups the plug-ins by purpose. Clicking any category will update the list of plug-ins on the right side of the window. To return to the main program window, click the Back button. The categories are as follows:
You can type a postal code into the field on this form and click Invoke. You ll get the results of the query, formatted as XML, returned to you (see Figure 5-12). Web service clients can now consume this XML and render it as they please.
Figure 12 13. Using the MAC address
Phone Feature Use Disclosure
CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
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