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When I speak of a view, I am typically talking about a JSP, but this is not unnecessary jargon. The actual mechanism used is pluggable. The view configured to be the form view in Listing 6-8 is not a specific file, but an instruction to the controller to find the rendering mechanism identified as admin/listUser. The mechanism used to identify the rendering mechanism is a view resolver, and when all your views will be processed by the same mechanism, the UrlBasedViewResolver is the simplest approach. Listing 6-10 is the definition of a resolver that will be used to convert the views specified in the controllers into corresponding JSPs.
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Listing 8-14. Our DAO Implementation Supporting Both Attachments and Inline Images
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Figure 5 17. Completed dynamic send port orchestration
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Images and Icons
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CHAPTER 11: Setting Up the Mac OS X Firewall
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How It Works
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CHAPTER 9: Apple Developer Programs
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User E-Mail Settings
= with scenes -> for x in scenes do yield! flatten x | Rect _ -> yield scene }
CHAPTER 7: Adding the Game Controller
var n = Number.parseLocale("23,2");
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