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select orders.orderid, orders.customerid, employees.lastname from orders inner join employees on orders.employeeid = employees.employeeid
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As a DBA, you will often find yourself multitasking on perhaps a dozen different tasks that need your attention. But developers usually have a narrower focus, working on one or two projects at a time. Therefore, if a development server is having issues, you may hear a developer say, I cannot do any work until you fix this. As surprising as that may sound to you, it is very true. CAUTION: No matter what the pressure, or the little amount of sleep, it is never appropriate to treat a colleague unprofessionally. Yelling, making bombastic demands, and verbal abuse is never acceptable. Development servers are essentially production servers, because development is always moving forward. Production servers are stable entities; the code should rarely change, the systems should be integrated and working, and very little change should happen on production. But development is always moving forward, and developers are doing most of the pushing. As such, you will need to be as responsive to their development requests as you are to any production requests.
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Adding the ReportViewer Control
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Allowing Self-Registering Users
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As you might guess, the Fonts and Colors node options, shown in Figure 2-12, affect the fonts and colors for different areas of SSMS. The Display Items list box contains a list of all the different areas that can be set. By selecting one of these items, you can define the color of the foreground and background as well the font type and size.
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Try It Out: Using OPENXML with XML Columns
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Joint application built with Sybase for use on OS/2. A low-functionality, desktop database, capable of meeting the data storage and handling needs of a small department. The concept of a database that was integrated with Windows and had an easy-to-use interface proved popular.
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private function dataHandler(event:ResultEvent): void { DataResult = event.result as ArrayCollection; }
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A web site based on HTTP is preferable for building entirely commercial web-based products. The HTTP web site requires IIS on the local machine of the developer, as it is configured as an application in the virtual directory of IIS. The IIS server brings a lot of administrative power to web applications sitting inside IIS. Figure 15-3 shows the New Web Site dialog box with the web site Location option set . to HTTP
Porting Impact
IComponentUI serves to present the component icon in the design-time tool set. The two methods implemented in the IComponentUI are Icon and Validate. The Icon method provides a pointer to the graphic icon displayed in the design-time user interface. If no icon is specified, Visual Studio will display the default icon in the BizTalk Pipeline Components section of the Toolbox. The Validate method allows processing of any design-time properties. For example, if you have a custom design-time property that requires information, you can include validation rules within the Validate method to verify the designtime information entered. The following portion of Listing 4 3 shows both the Validate and Icon methods. In the solution example included with this recipe, the default Visual Studio icon will be used, and no special validation rules are required for the specified user data. #region IComponentUI members contains design time information // Include a validate method used by BizTalk public IEnumerator Validate(object obj) { IEnumerator enumerator = null; // Return a null return enumerator; } // We do not have an icon for this custom component [Browsable(false)] public System.IntPtr Icon {
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