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Running the Application
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CHAPTER 7: Client Management
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Table 15-1. Continued Object
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Figure 1-11. Installing as default Reporting Services
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Finally, you removed the handlers. It wasn t necessary in this example, but we ve shown it for demonstration purposes. As mentioned earlier in the chapter, the location in code where handlers are added and removed is important and affects whether events are
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ret: Stream & TransportHeaders
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//-------------------------------------------------------------------------private function onResult(event:ResultEvent, passThroughData:Object):void { Assert.assertTrue( event.hasOwnProperty("result") ); } private function handleAsyncEvnet(event:Event, passThroughData:Object):void { Assert.assertEquals( event.type, "eventType" ); } private function onFault(event:FaultEvent, passThroughData:Object):void { Assert.assertTrue( event.fault.hasOwnProperty("faultCode") ); } } }
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Calling Web Services Asynchronously
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Now that you have a good understanding of XPath, location paths, and XPath functions, let s delve further into the .NET Framework s XPath data model.
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and the server under different user accounts. You can do that by either running Visual Studio .NET or the applications in a separate login session using the runas command. datamatrix free
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Using Servlets and JavaServer Pages with Portlets
Before tackling the problem of representing hardware using propositional logic, let s look at some naive approaches for working with propositional logic formulae. Listing 12-14 shows routines that evaluate formulae given an assignment of variables and that generate the rows of a truth table for a Prop formula.
Writing Attributes
Listing 9-13. Configuring the Hessian Service Bean and Exporter
3. Find your network device in the list. It should be referred to as Wired Connection.
empty element, and uses an attribute for each of the column values, using the alias names we specified in the query as the attribute names. It produces a string composed of all the elements. RAW mode doesn t produce an XML document, because it has as many root elements (raw) as there are rows in the result set, and an XML document can have only one root element. However, you can use the ROOT directive to specify the root element, as in:
Testing MMS
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