well as personal data, vCards can contain pictures and audio clips. They re understood by practically all businesslevel e-mail programs, including Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail.
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Kerberos authentication, as mentioned earlier, is a superior authentication method to the standard Diffe-Hellman exchange (DHX) authentication scheme. Kerberos authentication can be required for the AFP server, but it is worth noting a few gotcha s with this configuration: When Kerberos authentication is required, only clients with a properly configured file can authenticate with the service. This can disable access for any client that is not bound into the Open Directory network. Clients must not have a time skew longer than five minutes. This should be configured on the client by using a network timeserver. Users within the local authentication database will not be able to authenticate to the AFP server because their passwords are not authenticated using Open Directory. This may prevent the first user created on the system from being able to authenticate because they are created in the local authentication database. Forcing Kerberos authentication requires AFP clients to use Kerberos to connect to the server, a good way to increase the security of your AFP environment. To force Kerberos
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10. If your workspace contains multiple BlackBerry projects, select the main project from the drop-down menu under the Project type.
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6. Accept the defaults in the authentication window by clicking Next (see Figure 4-13).
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <s:Application xmlns:fx="" xmlns:s="library://" xmlns:mx="library://" minWidth="1024" minHeight="768" initialize="init(15)"> <fx:Script> <![CDATA[ import; private var classA:ClassA = new ClassA(); private function init(num:Number):void { classA.addEventListener("propertyChange", handler); classA.value = num; } private function handler(event:PropertyChangeEvent):void { trace("New value: "+event.newValue + ", Old value: "+event.oldValue); } ]]> </fx:Script> </s:Application>
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So far in this book, you have learned about the many elements of Silverlight and how they can be used to build RIAs. But what if Silverlight doesn t offer the specific functionality you need for an application In that case, you may want to create a custom control to provide that additional functionality. The actual procedure for creating custom controls is not that terribly difficult, but understanding the process can be. Under the hood, Silverlight performs some complex work, but most Silverlight developers do not need to know these details. However, in order to understand custom controls and the process used to build them, you must dive in and see how Silverlight ticks. In this chapter, you will examine when it is appropriate to write custom controls in Silverlight. Then you will look at the Silverlight Control Toolkit and the controls it offers for developers to use in their applications. Next, you will explore the different aspects of the Silverlight control model. Finally, you will build a custom control for Silverlight.
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Get Certified
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Let s get started by downloading and installing Firestarter. Follow these steps:
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dirt -u corpadmin n '/Active Directory/domainname'
This column shows the priority of the process. This is a dynamic number, showing where the particular process is in the CPU queue at the present time. This column shows the nice value of the process. This refers to how charitable a process is in its desire for CPU time. A high figure here (up to 19) indicates that the process is willing to be interrupted for the sake of other processes. A negative value means the opposite: the process is more aggressive than others in its desire for CPU time. Some programs need to operate in this way, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. This column shows the amount of virtual memory used by the process.1 This column shows the total amount of physical memory used.1 This column shows the amount of shared memory used. This refers to memory that contains code that is relied on by other processes and programs. This column shows the current status of the task. Generally, the status will either be sleeping, in which case an S will appear, or running, in which case an R will appear. Most processes will be sleeping, even ones that appear to be active. Don t worry about this; it just reflects the way the Linux kernel works. A Z in this column indicates a zombie process (a child of a process that has been terminated). This column shows the CPU use, expressed as a percentage.2 This column shows the memory use, again expressed as a percentage.2 This column shows a measure of how long the process has been up and running. This shows the actual name of the process itself.
Figure 4-62. Run-time error related to report not found
Network Home Folder Configuration
Note Remember that when setting a map on a receive port, it will apply to all receive location associated with
Transformations may be combined within a TransformGroup. In this scenario, Silverlight calculates a single matrix based on the defined transformations and applies this matrix as a single compound transform.
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