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The easiest way for securing .NET Remoting components is hosting them in Internet Information Services, or IIS. IIS provides you with authentication against Windows accounts as well as transport-level security through SSL. It allows you to restrict your callers through IP address restrictions, too.
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In Leopard, open Directory Utility within Utilities, click the plus (+) sign, and choose Open Directory from the Add a New Directory of Type drop-down menu (see Figure 16 11). (In Tiger, you will need to click LDAPv3 on the Services tab, and click the Configure button.) Next, type in the IP address of the Open Directory server, and click OK.
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Working with Multiple Handlers
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The format of this syntax is straightforward. In this case, CREATE LOGIN instructs SQL Server that you want to create a new login called XP-PRO\Apress_Client_Information, where XP-PRO is the name of the network domain in which the Apress_Client_Information group can be found. You should change the prefix to match your own setup. Here the definition appears surrounded with optional square brackets in case of spaces in the name. Next the keywords FROM WINDOWS inform SQL Server that you are creating a login with Windows authentication. After that you define the name of the database that the login will connect to when a connection is made using WITH DEFAULT_DATABASE. Finally, the second option specifies the default language the connection will use, although it is possible at any time to alter the language using the Set Language option. This will allow this group to connect to SQL Server. 4. Once you have placed the code in your query pane, you can execute it by pressing either Ctrl+E or F5, or clicking the Execute button on the toolbar. Once it finishes executing, you should see the new login in the Security node within the Object Explorer on the left, as shown in Figure 4-11. If you right-click the new login and select Properties, you will see the same screen and details as we saw when we created the login graphically.
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SUID Applications: Getting into the Nitty-Gritty
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If Not String.IsNullOrEmpty & _ (e.Context.Request.QueryString("InvoiceID")) Then Dim ID As String = _ e.Context.Server.HtmlEncode & _ (e.Context.Request.QueryString("InvoiceID")) Dim IDUrlEncoded As String = _ e.Context.Server.UrlEncode & _ (e.Context.Request.QueryString("InvoiceID")) Dim NewUrl As String = tempNode.Url + " InvoiceID=" + IDUrlEncoded Dim NewTitle As String = tempNode.Title + ": " + ID tempNode.Url = NewUrl tempNode.Title = NewTitle tempNode = tempNode.ParentNode End If 'Return the node that has been cloned and altered. Return nodeClone End Function End Class 6. The code just added needs to be called from another web page, most likely within the web project. Therefore, add a Global.asax le to the web project. Within the Global.asax, you are going to add a handler to the preceding code in the Application_Start subroutine. Add the following code to that routine: Sub Application_Start(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) ' Code that runs on application startup AddHandler SiteMap.Provider.SiteMapResolve, & _ AddressOf NodeParser.ParseQuerystrings End Sub
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Connection Scalability
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Options here relate to how files are saved. You can select whether the default is to save in or Microsoft Office format. Choosing the latter is useful if you share a lot of documents with colleagues who are not running This option relates to how Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code is handled when Microsoft Office documents are opened. Specifically, it ensures that the code isn t lost when the file is saved again. This option provides functions specifically needed to convert or open Microsoft Office files within Here, you can set options that affect the compatibility of HTML files saved within
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Portlets may support all content types, and so may portals. Support of all content types is signified with either the * or */* wildcards. For the special case where both the portlet and the portal support all content types, * or */* is a valid response from the getResponseContentType() and getResponseContentTypes() methods.
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l.Status = "Assigned"; PersistLead persist = context.GetExtension<PersistLead>(); persist.AddLead(l, "Update"); // Store the request in the OutArgument Lead.Set(context, l); } } }
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