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The Currency Converter application includes three pages: one for the main application screen that performs currency conversions; one to prompt the user to upgrade to the full application license the application is running under a trial license; and one for additional options, such as determining how much money you actually lose on a conversion. In this section, you will create each of these pages. Follow these steps to create a Currency Converter project and add application pages: 1. 2. Launch Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone, and create a new Windows Phone Application project. Name it CurrencyConversion. Make sure MainPage.xaml is open in Design view. For MainPage.xaml, the end goal is to have a screen with a layout similar to the one shown in Figure 11 4. The screen looks a little busy, so we will go over each screen element, one by one, to understand the type of the element and element s name. Element names and types will be referred to from code and, hence, are important to get right. Table 11 1 summarizes field names and types. A portion of the XAML code that creates the Amount to Convert text box, two list boxes, and the corresponding captions is shown here:
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A directory service organizes information such as users, groups, and computers. The directory service is the interface to the directory and provides access to the data that is
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Of course, things got messier when 9i introduced bind variable peeking. Whenever a statement is optimized, Oracle will (in almost all cases) check the actual values of any bind variables and optimize the statement for those specific values.
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Force Quit Invest Inhibit Applet
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programmer. I doubt anything I wrote at that time is worth much of a read these days, except for a laugh. No, the real first things I wrote about were quite personal. My wife and I had our first child. I decided to put up a family blog where I could write about everything and post pictures of the baby so that people could view them whenever they wanted. I blogged two or three times a month right up until we had our second child the following year. Then I was blogging for both of them, and I continue to do so to this day. I was able to start writing because there was something passionate for me to write about. Over time, I also realized I had a passion for technical things as well, so I started blogging for myself as a professional in addition to the family blog. The fact that I had found all these things that I loved, and that I loved to write about them, made it very easy for the words to leave my fingers. The years of reading made it easier for me to understand that I wanted my own voice, my style, and to become a writer. Having something passionate to write about made it even easier. If you want to get better as a writer then you need to write more, and the easiest way to write more is to find something you love to write about. TIP: When you have a passion for doing something then it feels less like work, and it will actually energize you to achieve more. I would encourage anyone looking to become a better communicator to start writing, perhaps by posting to their own blog. Do not assume blogging means that you think people care about what you have to say. They don t, trust me. No, you need to think of blogging as a way for you to get better as a writer. Over time, you will think about writing something to be published on a web site somewhere. This will be your chance to share your experience with others, to connect with them, and help someone else learn something new. Gradually, after all that writing, you are going to want to talk to someone about it.
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Note that the activity has a red alert icon in its top-right-hand corner. This is feedback from the Designer notifying you that the activity isn t fully configured or has an error of some sort. It s useful feedback allowing you to visually inspect your workflow for errors before you try to compile or run it. Click the exclamation mark and you ll get details of the error (see Figure 9-4). As you can see, the Code activity needs the property ExecuteCode to be set or it will not work. The tool also gives you a nice shortcut as it is selectable. Select the message (Property ExecuteCode is not set), and the focus will be moved to the Properties window with the ExecuteCode property highlighted. You ll also notice the red exclamation mark informing you that the activity is not yet correctly configured (see Figure 9-5).
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When the Contact module is enabled, a Contact tab (user/uid/contact) will be visible on each user s profile screen. Users can enable their personal contact form from their user account editing page by checking the Personal Contact Form field in the Contact Settings section. When a user has allowed it, other registered users can send him messages via the Contact tab. There is a limit on the number of messages users can send per hour, to prevent abuse.
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{ comment lexbuf; token lexbuf } { STRING (string lexbuf.StartPos "" lexbuf) } { failwith "unrecognized input: '%s'" (lexeme lexbuf) }
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Table 6-3. Range-based Predicates with a Strange Decay Pattern
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<qs:DragTile id="cmp2" width="100%" height="100%" dataProvider="{targetData}" dragEnter=";" dragOver=',event.shiftKey "copy":"move");'> <qs:itemRenderer> <fx:Component> <qs:BitmapTile /> </fx:Component> </qs:itemRenderer> </qs:DragTile> </mx:VBox> </mx:VBox> </s:Group> </s:Application>
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loginRequest.server_url = parameters.server_url; loginRequest.session_id = parameters.session_id; // password must consist of your password plus the token // If your password = "mypassword" // And your security token = "XXXXXXXXXX" // You must enter "mypasswordXXXXXXXXXX" in place of your password // to get a token login into your account: Setup (from top) -> Reset your security token loginRequest.username = "Your-email"; loginRequest.password = "Your-Password-And-Security-token"; loginRequest.callback = new AsyncResponder( readAllContacts, loginFailedHandler ); connection.login( loginRequest ); // show busy cursor while retrieving results CursorManager.setBusyCursor(); } private function loginFailedHandler( fault:Object ):void {; } private function readAllContacts( loginRequest:Object ):void { connection.query("SELECT FirstName, LastName, Phone, Email, Title FROM Contact", new AsyncResponder( function(queryResult:QueryResult):void { if (queryResult.size > 0) { accountCollection = queryResult.records; // remove busy cursor CursorManager.removeBusyCursor(); } }, loginFailedHandler) ); } private function onImportContact( event:Event ) : void { var f:File = File.desktopDirectory; f.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, fileSelected); f.browseForOpen( "Import Contact" ); } private function fileSelected( event:Event ) : void { var fs:FileStream = new FileStream();
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