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For a .NET project to call into the business rules engine, it must reference the Microsoft.RuleEngine.dll assembly. This assembly contains the classes used to access the rules framework, including those to execute policies. In this solution, you first create an instance of the policy object, with the appropriate name and version. The name must exactly match the name of the policy you want to execute. This solution specifies SamplePolicy as the policy name, which maps to the highlighted name in Figure 7 18.
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Notice that the member variable greeting is initialized right at its point of declaration, which wouldn t be allowed for a nonconstant member in classic C++, but is conveniently allowed in C++/CLI. Also notice the Greet method uses a new C++/CLI method of concatenating strings using the + operator. Also, the SetGreeting method takes a String, but the code passes a string literal. The compiler creates a String object from the string literal passed in. You ll learn the details of how this works in 5, but for now just notice that you can use string literals in a natural way with the String type, without concerning yourself with the subtleties of whether it s a narrow or wide character string literal.
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The #using Directive
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' Set up DML Dim ins As String = _ "insert into employees " _ & "( " _ & " firstname, " _ & " lastname, " _ & & & & & & & & & & & & " titleofcourtesy, " _ " city, " _ " country " _ ") " _ "values " _ "( " _ " @firstname, " _ " @lastname, " _ " @titleofcourtesy, " _ " @city, " _ " @country " _ ") "
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//encode a URL writer.write(response.encodeURL("/images/mountain.jpg"));
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Figure 13-14. Adding a login status to your home page
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var txtBlock = control.content.findName("txt"); var txtBlocksParent = txtBlock.getParent();
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downloader.addEventListener("downloadProgressChanged", "handleDLProgress"); downloader.addEventListener("completed", "handleDLComplete");
Type Executable File
that you can rotate in 3D space, select the 3D Rotation Object.
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