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Tip It may get quite tiresome having to click all of the keyboard buttons on the emulator. To enable the use of computer keyboard in the emulator window, you can press the PgUp key once the emulator loads up. To discontinue using the keyboard in the emulator, press the PgDn key.
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XML Web Services
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Static Cast
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]]> </mx:Script> <mx:Image id="theImg" source="{data.url}" httpStatus="onLoaded()" /> </mx:Window>
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You will be deploying the packages created in the previous steps to Windows Azure. 1. 2. Go to your browser where the NotepadService host main screen is, as shown in Figure 3 41. Click the Staging Deploy button.
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The Benefits of Linux
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Listing 4-14. Appending New Nodes private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { navigator.MoveToRoot(); navigator.MoveToFirstChild(); while (navigator.MoveToNext()) { XmlWriter writer = navigator.AppendChild(); writer.WriteStartElement("employee"); writer.WriteAttributeString("employeeid", textBox1.Text); writer.WriteElementString("firstname", textBox2.Text); writer.WriteElementString("lastname", textBox3.Text); writer.WriteElementString("homephone", textBox4.Text); writer.WriteElementString("notes", textBox5.Text); writer.WriteEndElement(); writer.Close(); } } The code first navigates to the <employees> node. This is where we want to add a new <employee> child node. Then it calls the AppendChild() method of the XPathNavigator. The returned XmlWriter is used to add a new <employee> node with an employeeid attribute. The child nodes of the <employee> node (<firstname>, <lastname>, <homephone>, and <notes>) are also added. The methods such as WriteStartElement()and WriteEndElement() should already be familiar to you from 3.
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Drupal does everything its developers can think of to be efficient and fast. This is important for sites that receive high traffic. It saves on server costs by allowing a server to handle more requests and allows smaller servers to handle bigger sites. One of the crucial elements in making Drupal efficient and fast is the cache system. By default, Drupal automatically caches the variables, menus, and filters that it uses internally to build pages. These elements are cached automatically and require no configuration or action on the part of the administrator. The main decisions left to the administrator are whether to cache pages and the minimum time that a cached page should be kept. These decisions are made with the Cache Settings options on the site settings page (admin/settings). Page caching takes the final HTML output of each page, including the headers, exactly as it is sent to your browser and saves it into the cache database. Then, the next time that page is requested, the server only needs to look into its cache to see how that page should be built. This saves immense amounts of work for the server in terms of executing PHP code and making database queries, as the entire cached page can be served with a single query. Cached pages are served only to anonymous users, never to registered users who are logged in. A crucial question arises, however, concerning how and when to rebuild the cached pages. In terms of performance, keeping cached pages as long as possible should be the goal, because they generate the least overhead. The problem with this becomes apparent on sites where the content is updated often, as the cache might prevent anonymous visitors from seeing changed or new content immediately. This problem is addressed with the Minimum Cache Lifetime setting, which specifies an amount of time that a cached page must stay in the cache before it can be replaced with new or updated content. When choosing this setting, try to balance the need for speedy page delivery with the inconvenience of having a lag time before new or updated content appears for anonymous users. Authenticated users will always see the newest version of content, no matter how the cache is configured.
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you can also click the Isle of Man, a small island off the northwest coast of England. Why is such attention paid to this location Well, it so happens that this is where the registered offices of Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, are located!
The reason you chose these columns was to deal with different kinds of data types and show how to use relevant typed accessors to obtain the correct results.
Similarly, to create the controller, you enter the following command:
private void setStopped(boolean stopped) { if(stopped) notifyStopCrawlers(); this.stopped = stopped; }
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