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The Kerberos security package can only be used when working within a domain and having a connection to the domain controller (KDC). Otherwise, NTLM must be used (you can also use negotiate, which will result in NTLM in this case and in Kerberos if you are working within the domain having a connection to the KDC).
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The client applications you have seen so far are all front-end based. This means they are typically started by an end user and running within the end user s logon session. In the following two chapters, I want to go into details about creating clients that typically run on a server within the logon session of a service account. Examples of such clients are ASP.NET-based applications (which run either as ASPNET within the Web server process or a worker process if IIS 6.0 is used).1 Basically, configuration and calls work the same way with front-end clients as shown earlier. But when it comes to configuration in ASP .NET-based applications, as well as to security, there are some differences that I want to show you now.
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nature contain data items that are a predefined length within the file. The physical position of the data defines what the data represents.
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Figure 17-8. Workflow designer navigation bar Collapse the Body section so you can see the overall CompensableActivity. So far, you have specified the sequence for the Body section. Now drag a WriteLine activity to the Confirmation Handler section. Set the Text property to Confirmation: The wedding plans have been confirmed . Drag a WriteLine activity to the Cancellation Section and set the Text property to Cancellation: The church reservation has been released . You ll implement the Compensation Handler section later. The Wedding activity should look like the one shown in Figure 17-9.
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Restrict Guest Access
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As always with vim, you start out in the default Command mode. To start typing immediately, enter Insert mode by typing i. You ll notice when typing that although the text is wrapped on each line, words are not carried over, and they often break across lines in an ugly way. This is because vim is primarily a text editor, not a word processor. For people who create text files, like programmers, having line breaks shown in this way can be useful. When you re finished typing a sentence or paragraph, you can press the Enter key as usual to start a new line. You should then be able to move between lines using the up and down cursor keys. You ll notice an odd thing when you try to do this, however: unlike with a word processor, moving up a line of text that spreads across more than one line on screen will take the cursor to the start of the line, rather than into the middle of it. This again relates to vim s text editor focus, where such a feature is useful when editing documents such as program configuration files. When you re finished, press the Esc key to switch to Command mode. Then type a colon to enter Command-Line mode. Type :w to save the file using the filename you gave it earlier. If you started vim without specifying a filename, you ll need to specify a filename with the save command, such as :w myfile.
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Linux finds itself with the BASH shell largely because Linux is a clone of Unix. In the early days of Unix, the text-based shell was all that was offered as a way of letting users control the computer. Typing in commands directly is one of the most fundamental ways of controlling any type of computer and, in the evolutionary scale, comes straight after needing to set switches and watch blinking lights in order to run programs. That the BASH shell can trace its history back to the early days of Unix might sound like a tacit indication that the BASH is somehow primitive far from it. It s one of the most efficient and immediate ways of working with your computer. Many people consider the command-line shell to be a way of using a computer that has yet to be superseded by a better method.
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Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is a technique that allows for implementation of generic behavior that does not fit well into the object-oriented model. Managing transactions is a good example of this sort of problem; we could build a set of classes to integrate into our object model to manage transactions, but the resulting implementation would be specific to our system. Logging, auditing, and security can also present problems of this sort. For example, an auditing system may need to keep track of the users invoking certain methods on the data access objects. However, the user information may not be directly available at these points in the implementation, and altering the application so that the credentials are passed around the system appropriately will tie the application inextricably to the auditing implementation and complicate the design. Problems of this type that cut across various parts of the object model are described as cross-cutting concerns. Databases have the notion of triggers to allow related functionality to be invoked when particular events occur in the relational model. Similarly, aspects allow related functionality to be invoked when particular events occur in the object model. AOP comes with a substantial body of terminology. This chapter does not attempt to explore AOP in full detail, but I will briefly cover the terminology related to the examples you will look at: Cross-cutting concern: A problem that applies to parts of the object model that are not conveniently related, or that are not related in an object-oriented manner. For example, a problem that applies to method return values in general, rather than to the methods of a single class, is not an object-oriented problem as such. Pointcut: A rule for matching the parts of the object model that the functionality will be applied to. This is analogous to the rule defining when a database trigger would apply. Aspect: A package of functionality providing the cross-cutting requirements. A set of triggers for auditing database access would be analogous to an AOP aspect for auditing. Advice: The implementation of functionality that will be applied. This is analogous to the implementation of a database trigger. Note that my analogies with database triggers are not intended to imply that AOP applies only to data access. On the contrary, aspects can be applied anywhere in the object model that can be identified with a pointcut. AOP can be used to audit application performance as readily as it can be used to audit user access to particular data entities.
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private namespace atom = "http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom"; use namespace atom;
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