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Then you can pull the xml using e4x standard object type format, as shown in Figure 10-15.
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MIDlet-Permissions:, javax.wireless.messaging.sms.send
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Caution When using the Confirm or Compensate activities, you should include them in a TryCatch activity because they can throw exceptions. If you try to confirm an activity that has already been confirmed, for example, it will throw an exception. You can test for a non-null token, as we did in this project to verify that the activity has completed. However, you can t test to see whether it has already been confirmed or compensated. Because we had a controlled environment and were throwing the exception, you knew what the state of the activity would be. In a real scenario, you can t predict when an exception might be thrown. In more complicated workflows, it s not easy to know what other processing may have already confirmed or compensated the activity. So to be safe, always wrap the Confirm and Compensate activity in a TryCatch activity. You can usually ignore the exception; you just don t want it to terminate your workflow.
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Figure 12-5. Results of running a stored procedure
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Figure 9-10. Specifying the data source name and SQL Server to connect to
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Note The administrative username and password for the example web application are admin and setec,
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Editing Contacts
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of chemical, over the counter laxatives was still new. The commercial started out asking a question as to how many prunes you needed to eat to relieve your constipation was three enough was six too many. Whenever I try to pick a number of boards to order, that commercial is always in my head. Personally, I almost always order five boards because the cost of five is about the same as the cost of one. I always assume one will be bad. It never has been so far, but then I m a pessimist. Also, even as good as I think my soldering skills are, I also assume I m going to damage a board putting on parts. That I have done. That leaves three. One of those I get working and use as a gold reference. That is, after it works I never mess with it but set it aside to use for comparison. That leaves me two for testing. The reason that five costs about the same as one is that most PCB vendors will panel your boards into arrays. There are certain standard panel sizes and if multiples of your board can fit, then it costs the same to make one as it does the number that fit on a panel. You can check with your vendor about what size panels they use then tweak the size of your board so that a nice multiple fits into that panel. One thing to remember is to make sure you specify that you want your boards separated when you pick them up or they are delivered to you. It s very annoying to open your box of PCBs and find a panel of your boards rather than individual units. So remember to specify that your boards are to be de-paneled before shipping. Try to find a PCB vendor close to where you are. You don t want to have to be shipping your boards and parts cross-country to save a few dollars, when that savings may get eaten up with shipping and rework charges. My PCB vendor is twenty minutes away and over the course of several design iterations that saved me a couple weeks of time I could use to stay ahead of my competition.
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The following types aren t directly type compatible with seq<'T> but can be converted readily into sequences when needed:
3. Make it the startup project, and then run it with Ctrl+F5. You should see the result in Figure 6-5, displaying the first and last names of all nine employees.
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Figure 6 2. (x, y, z) = (0, -1, 0)
ApplicationBar="{StaticResource GlobalAppMenuBar}" 4. Press F5 to run the application. You should see an Application Bar identical to the one shown in Figure 7 2.
Implementing the Server-Side Sink
CHAPTER 7: Browser
Personalization and User Attributes
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