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After you ve gone to the bother of writing an app and getting people to run it, it seems like a shame to send them packing when you want to display some Web content. You are implicitly admitting that your app can t handle displaying that sort of content, and once they hit the browser you have no idea what they are doing. They may pop open their bookmarks and forget what they were doing before. There is an alternative: instead of going into a separate app, bring the browser into your own. This is a somewhat involved process, but it can pay big dividends. You get to keep the user s attention within your app longer, and you get a great deal of insight into their
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Creating Tables
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4 This is a system command and can be run only on a disk that isn t currently in use. To scan the main partition, you ll need to boot from the installation CD and select the rescue option. Then issue the fsck command.
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Data Access and Networking
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You specify three columns and use the COUNT function to count the total number of cards listed in the CardType column of the CreditCard table: Select CardType, ExpYear,count(CardType) AS 'Total Cards' from Sales.CreditCard Then you specify the WHERE condition, and the GROUP BY and ORDER BY clauses. The WHERE condition ensures that the cards listed will be those that will expire in either 2008 or 2009: Where ExpYear in (2008,2009) The GROUP BY clause enforces that the results be displayed in the form of groups for the ExpYear and CardType columns: group by ExpYear,CardType The ORDER BY clause ensures that the result shown will be organized in proper sequential order based on CardType and ExpYear: order by CardType,ExpYear
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Listing 10-26. The Actual Service Call to Be Tested final UserAccount actualAccount = service.findUser(username);
n past chapters, we used the capabilities provided by RS to create a variety of reports, and you ve seen how we can take advantage of different clients to deliver reports. So are we finished with RS now Well, there is always room for improvements and new ideas keep popping up for making use of this wonderful tool. I decided to add this chapter to cover what else can be done with RS. Before this chapter, we used different features of client-side RS to develop reports, and in the majority of cases, we managed to do the job without any major concerns or issues. Now, if I ask you to develop a report to print a barcode as part of the report output, what then We don t have any report item called barcode that comes with RS. So, what can be done here Well, not to worry, thirdparty tools will come to the rescue. How about making use of RS for fun Well, why not If you recall, in the introduction of this book, I promised to create a personal information dashboard using RS. Well, the time is right for me to fulfill that promise and show you how you can get to your own personal information dashboard. This chapter will cover Integrating third-party tools with RS Reporting for fun a personal dashboard
TIP The PNG format is preferable for charts, because it is a lossless format, and the image quality will be much superior to the JPEG file format. Unless you have to support a web browser that does not support PNG images, avoid the JPEG file format for your charts. They will look terrible.
Figure 2-25. Query Editor toolbar
Once you have created your database, you will want to set up the examiners, which are the users who will be investigating the case. To add an examiner, click the Examiners icon in the Preferences toolbar and then click on the plus (+) sign (see Figure 19 3).
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