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CHAPTER 6: Personal Information
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CHAPTER 9: Virtualization
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2. In the Messages window, note that the transaction was rolled back because the DELETE failed and was terminated with error number 547 (whose error message appears at the top of the window). The INSERT error number was 0, so it apparently executed successfully, but was rolled back. (If you check the table, you ll find aaa is not a customer.)
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Typically, the device name for the DVD writer is linked from /dev/dvd. but you can use the Device Manager to get the precise device name. If the DVD disc has any space left, you can simply add your next backup to the disc, alongside the older file. To do this, use the -M command option, instead of -Z:
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Command Behaviors
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Alternatively, you can also click on the Schedule button to configure the script to run automatically. Here, you can instruct the script to run daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also choose the time that the script will run and the set that the script will back up to. As Figure 18 24 shows, there are a number of options in the schedules, and strategies behind the use of each one. For example, when automating the weekly rotation of backup drives or tapes you can use the Every field to select that a scheduled instance of a script run every two weeks. You can then create another scheduled instance of the same script for the other weeks. Each would have a different set, which would allow for the routine swapping out of drives.
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Every command has a property, CommandText, that holds the SQL to execute. You can assign to this property directly or specify it when constructing the command. Let s look at these alternatives.
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Hosted Applications
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The user uses the Back key to navigate past the first page of your application.
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Let s start with the following simple function, which is in principle meant to return true if the input string is a palindrome and false otherwise: let isPalindrome (str:string) = let rec check(s:int, e:int) = if s = e then true
Figure 6-6. Viewing your page
Tip The Character dialog box lets you create interesting typographical effects. The Paragraph dialog box
Note that the first time the button is clicked, the RowUpdating and RowUpdated events fire. But the second time, the RowUpdated event doesn t fire, and the RowStatus is SkipCurrentRow.
CHAPTER 5: Messaging and Groupware
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