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Figure 11 21. Aggregations page
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It s important to note that when we talk here about Linux, we re actually talking about the kernel the central program that runs the PC hardware and keeps the computer ticking. This is all that Torvalds initially produced back in 1991. It was an impressive achievement, but needed a lot of extra add-on programs to take care of even the most basic tasks. Torvalds s kernel needed additional software so that users could enter data, for example. It needed a way for users to be able to enter commands so they could manipulate files, such as deleting or copying them. And that s before you even consider more complicated stuff like displaying graphics on the screen or printing documents. Linux itself didn t offer these functions. It simply ran the computer s hardware. Once it booted up, it expected to find other programs. If they weren t present, then all you saw was a blank screen.
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The boot loader menu you see when your PC is set to dual-boot has three or four choices, as shown in Figure 7-1. The top one is what you need to boot Ubuntu. The Ubuntu option will be selected automatically within 10 seconds, but you can press Enter to start immediately.
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You will begin by building a simple application that captures the accelerometer data. The accelerometer data consist of acceleration data in x, y, z directions and time in which the acceleration data was captured. Figure 6 10 displays the basic UI of the accelerometer data captured. In order for this demo to work, you must deploy the project to an actual Windows Phone device please refer to 4 for deploying to the device. If you do not have a Windows Phone device, you might consider using Reactive Extension to simulate the accelerometer behavior. Reactive Extension will not be covered in this chapter, but you can refer to 18 for more detail on how to create simulation in order to work with the accelerometer in the emulator.
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Report Item
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Datasets can be typed or untyped. The datasets you ve used so far have all been untyped. They were instances of System.Data.DataSet. An untyped dataset has no built-in schema. The schema is only implicit. It grows as you add tables and columns to the dataset, but these objects are exposed as collections rather than as XML schema elements. However, as we mentioned in passing in the previous section, you can explicitly export a schema for an untyped dataset with WriteXmlSchema (or WriteXml). A typed dataset is one that s derived from System.Data.DataSet and uses an XML Schema (typically in an .xsd file) in declaring the dataset class. Information from the schema (tables, columns, and so on) is extracted, generated as Visual Basic code, and compiled, so the new dataset class is an actual .NET type with appropriate objects and properties. Either typed or untyped datasets are equally valid, but typed datasets are more efficient and can make code somewhat simpler. For example, using an untyped dataset, you d need to write this:
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Note A duration calculates the time between two business milestones and is useful when reporting the time
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Note It is quite natural to have multiple categories per post. The code would need to be more sophisticated to handle that situation. It may be easier to use a plug-in like Related Posts by Mark Ghosh (http:// weblogtoolscollection.com/archives/2004/06/08/contextual-related-posts-in-wordpress/).
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Getting the Web Service Ready
Figure 6-4. Designer for your Web application client
<mx:PhoneNumberValidator source="{infoVO}" property="phone" trigger="{submit}" triggerEvent="click" listener="{phone}"/>
My Journey
Initial Catalog Integrated Security
Conditional Formatting
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