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If publish/subscribe messaging capabilities are at the heart of BizTalk, then process orchestration capabilities are BizTalk s brain. A BizTalk orchestration can define a complex integration process, coordinating the flow of information when simple data synchronization will not suffice. BizTalk provides a graphical design tool for defining these integration processes. These orchestration capabilities build upon the foundational publish/subscribe architecture of the BizTalk messaging runtime. In the simplest cases, integration is strictly about receiving information from one system and delivering it to another. Accordingly, a BizTalk orchestration receives and sends messages through orchestration ports. However, many real-world situations require more than simple message delivery. With an orchestration, the BizTalk developer can graphically define additional processing steps in Visual Studio. For example, these processing steps may involve examining a message or invoking a .NET assembly and deciding on the appropriate actions to take. An orchestration can define an integration process with sequential processing steps or perform independent activities simultaneously. Define higher-level integration services in an orchestration by composing the messaging capabilities of BizTalk with additional integration processing logic. Future integration requirements can reuse the higher-level integration services to reduce implementation effort and enable greater agility. BizTalk orchestrations support many of the capabilities needed to compose integration activities together, as follows: Atomic and long-running transactions help ensure that all systems involved in an integration process come to a consistent result. Transformations convert from a format understood by a source system to a format understood by a destination system. Orchestrations can invoke an external .NET assembly or use expressions defined with custom code. Exceptions can be handled by defining the scope of integration activities. Orchestrations support transaction compensation and rollbacks.
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Mac OS X can boot from sources other than your default internal start-up disk through the use of modifier keys. When you power a system on, using these keystrokes will send commands to the system to perform the following:
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Generating a Simple Token Stream
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CAUTION: As with most things that happen at the command line, dscl is unforgiving with regard to typos, including spaces, and so on. But it does support tabbed auto-completion, which is awesome. We also need to give the account a default shell to use if it is going to do anything meaningful. The default shell is the shell used when a Terminal.app window is first opened. The attribute for a default shell is UserShell. The contents of this key should be any shell on the system, including /bin/zsh, /bin/tcsh, or the default with Mac OS X, /bin/bash. To prevent users from utilizing a shell account, assign /usr/bin/false as their shell, which will immediately terminate any attempts at a shell session, as well as disable access to the terminal application. This also prevents an account from logging in via loginwindow, in which case /usr/bin/true is a completely acceptable substitute. To set the shell attribute, create the UserShell key using the following command:
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CHAPTER 15: Remote Connectivity
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Create the Player as shown above, but use the rtsp scheme, as in "rtsp://myserver.com/streams/live.m4a".
You should now see the Edit Account screen shown in Figure 5-2. Here, you can provide the most important Exchange account settings, which configure basic access to the server, as follows:
Because man pages are so established, everyone expects to find one for every utility. So most utilities that have info pages will also have man pages. But in such a case, the man page will state near the end that the main documentation for the utility is contained in an info page, and you may find it more fruitful to use that instead. Navigating through info pages is achieved via the keyboard and is something of an art. But, as you might expect, there s a user-friendly guide to using info: just type info info. Remember that words preceded with an asterisk are hyperlinks, and you can jump from link to link using the Tab key.
let! res2 = job2 return res1, res2 } let getWeather(city,state,country) = async { let ws = new WeatherForecast() let ts = new TerraService() let place = new Place(City=city, State=state, Country=country) let! weather,facts = Async.Parallel2 ( ws.GetWeatherByPlaceNameAsyncr(city), ts.GetPlaceFactsAsyncr(place)) let today = weather.Details.[0] return (today.MinTemperatureF,today.MaxTemperatureC, facts.Center.Lat,facts.Center.Lon) } The type of this function is as follows: val getWeather : string * string * string -> Async<string * string * float * float> One simple use of this task is to run it and print the results when the operation completes: Async.RunSynchronously ( async { let! (maxF, maxC, lat, lon) = getWeather("Los Angeles", "CA", "USA") do printfn "Temperature: %sF/%sC" maxF maxC do printfn "Lat/Lon: %f/%f" lat lon }) With an active web connection, this results in output such as the following (after a short delay while the connections are resolved): Temperature: 72F/22C Lat/Lon: 33.833000/-118.217003
Replace <UUID> with the hexadecimal number you noted earlier. For example, on our test PC, the line within fstab read as follows (see also Figure 12-8):
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