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State stacking In these last three sections we ve covered quite a few fundamental tools that you can use to create your graphics: fill styles, stroke styles, line styles, global composition variables, global alpha variables, clipping paths, and transformations. Piling all of these Canvas changes together can get confusing; worse, they can really limit the order in which you can do things. Fortunately, there s a way that you can save the current state of these global variables and later restore them. It uses two methods, as described in table 6.10.
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<result property="enabled" column="Enabled" nullValue="NO"/>
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This example generates a link to the show action on the catalog controller with an extra parameter specified for widgetCode. Here s the output:
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Since these manipulations require a lot of stringification of pixel coordinates and splitting and joining of color triplets or quadruplets, this can be quite costly in CPU load. That s not to say avoid it at all costs, but it is something to keep in mind when you decide to loop over all the pixels of an Image::Magick object. 12.2.1
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The previous advice will be executed after any call to any method in the Account class, regardless of how it returns normally or by throwing an exception. Note that an after advice may be used not just with methods but with any other kind of join point. For example, you could advise a constructor invocation, field writeaccess, exception handler, and so forth. It is often desirable to apply an advice only after a successful completion of captured join points. AspectJ offers after returning advice that is executed after the successful execution of join points. The following code shows the form for after returning advice:
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protected Document document; protected Stack<TextElementArray> stack = new Stack<TextElementArray>(); protected Chunk currentChunk = null; protected String year = null; protected String duration = null; protected String imdb = null; public XmlHandler(Document document) { this.document = document; } public void characters(char[] ch, int start, int length) throws SAXException { String content = new String(ch, start, length); if (content.trim().length() == 0) return; if (currentChunk == null) { currentChunk = new Chunk(content.trim()); } else { currentChunk.append(" "); currentChunk.append(content.trim()); } }
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mouseoverHandler: function(e) { var src = e.srcElement e.srcElement :; var index = parseInt('_')+1)); this.updateSelection(index); }, itemClickHandler: function(e) { this.mouseoverHandler(e); this.hideSuggestions(); this.textInput.focus(); },
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Table 9.1 Common application types, their deliverables, and deployment routes. The worstcase project combines everything. Ant should be able to create all the deliverables, and address most of the deployment. Application Type Client application Applet Web application Deliverables JAR, Zip, tar; PDF and HTML documentation JAR, documentation WAR; code+JSP; SQL data Deployment Upload to web site; email; Web Start served installation Upload to web server Deploy to web server; reload server Deploy to application server examples
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The continue statement
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Other compiler directives
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Element/Attribute Name persistence-unit-name persistence-context-type
The stateCapitals array will hold 50 state capitals. Each capital is accessed by an index into the array. For example, to access the capital for Arkansas, you need to know that Arkansas is the fourth state in alphabetical order:
GetHashCode implementations should try to minimize hash collisions. The reason is that
Security in .NET involves many features, but they fall generally into three major areas: Internal security Classes and class members in .NET can be protected via user-based or rolebased security. This Code Access Security (CAS) exists to keep unauthorized users from accessing powerful libraries of .NET features. Only those users meeting a minimum or specific set of rights can use those protected features. External security Since anyone can develop and distribute a .NET application, it s important to protect system resources from malicious code. This is a big issue, especially with the ongoing reports of hackers taking advantage of buffer overrun problems in released software from Microsoft and other vendors. Just as CAS keeps code from accessing certain features of a class, it interacts with the operating system to keep rogue code from accessing some or all files and directories, registry entries, network resources, hardware peripherals, or other .NET assemblies based on in-effect security policies. Data security Programs and computer resources aren t the only things that need to be protected. Some highfalutin users think their precious data is so important that it deserves to be protected through special software means. Encryption, digital signatures, and other cryptographic features provide the special support needed for such data. Because the Library Project interacts with a major external resource a SQL Server database it does deal with external security issues, although indirectly through ADO.NET and system security policies. Still, because of this book s focus on typical business application development, this chapter will not discuss either internal security or external security issues. Instead, it will focus on data security topics, especially the encryption of data.
Usually, the first task you have after creating a database is moving your data up into the cloud.
myImagePicker.allowsImageEditing = NO; [self presentModalViewController:myImagePicker animated:YES];
<InternalEndpoint name="MyInternalRole" protocol="http"/>
Earlier, you set the AutoPostBack property of this control to true and also placed it in an UpdatePanel. This means the postback that originates from here is asynchronous, also known as an Ajax postback. Typically, depending on the settings of the web.config file, an error during a normal postback results in the stack trace and error information being shown on the screen. This time, the browser relays the exception information Figure 4.7 By default, in a dialog box (see figure 4.7). This result can be informative for developers, but exceptions that occur during asynchronous postbacks are displaying the same message from the exception back displayed in alert dialogs. to the user isn t always the best idea. Fortunately, the ScriptManager control throws an event called AsyncPostBackError that provides you with an opportunity to update the text in the dialog box before it s presented to the user. Listing 4.14 demonstrates how a handler for the event is registered and the message updated before reaching the user.
throws Exception { if (!context.getEJBContext().isCallerInRole("CSR")) { throw new SecurityException( Accesses "No permissions to cancel bid"); EJBContext from } InvocationContext return context.proceed(); } }
13.8.1 Far-data scenarios
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