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' ----- Draw the image, which will be clipped. e.Graphics.DrawImage(splashImage, 20, 20, _ splashImage.Width \ 2, splashImage.Height \ 2) ' ----- Clean up. thePath.Dispose( )
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This chapter covers
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If we ever want to call on the implementation of a member in our base class (bypassing any of our own overrides), we can do so through the special base name:
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can all be used to mask an underlying image in different ways. -webkit-mask-image should provide the simplest masking:
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The most common object-to-object relationship is many-to-one (see figure A.2). It can be either unidirectional or bidirectional.
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The DLR defines an interface called IDynamicMetaObjectProvider, and objects that implement this get to define how they behave when used dynamically. It is designed to enable high performance with maximum flexibility, which is great for anyone using your type, but it s a lot of work to implement. Describing how to implement this interface would require a fairly deep discussion of the workings of the DLR, and is beyond the scope of this book. Fortunately, a more straightforward option exists. The System.Dynamic namespace defines a class called DynamicObject. This implements IDynamicMetaObjectProvider for you, and all you need to do is override methods representing whichever operations you want your dynamic object to support. If you want to support dynamic properties, but you don t care about any other dynamic features, the only thing you need to do is override a single method, TryGetMember, as Example 18-20 shows.
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When we handled our return values, we had to propagate them up the call stack by hand, adding appropriate return values to each and every method, checking the result, and either passing it up or transforming and passing it as we go. Exceptions, on the other hand, propagate up the stack automatically. If we don t want to add a handler, we don t have to, and the next call site up gets its chance instead, until eventually we pop out at the top of Main and either break into the debugger or Windows Error Handling steps in. This means we can take a more structured approach to error handling identifying points in our application control flow where we want to handle particular types of exceptions, and gathering our error-handling code into easily identified blocks. The try, catch, and finally keywords help us to define those blocks (along with the ubiquitous braces). In our example, we have no need to handle the potential errors from each and every call to RunFor separately. Instead, we can wrap the whole set into a single set of try, catch, and finally blocks, as shown in Example 6-14.
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In this case, the build will fire every night at 3:00 a.m. You can limit the trigger further. Let s say you want this build to run once a week, at night, on Sunday. Here you go:
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We do not delve deeply into the details of SOAP and web services; we encourage you to read books on the subject (for example, Wesley 2002, and Graham 2001), as well as the SOAP specifications hosted in the web services working group at the W3C ( We do explain the basic concepts behind web services, however, and show how you can use Ant to build, test, and call a web service.
12.7 Summary
Right, let s go back to our FireStation class for a minute, and imagine an interface we could create to formalize the contract for clocking in: our billing system might define this contract for us so that we can plug into it.
Unit testing with JUnit and DBUnit
session.createSQLQuery( "select {c.*} from CATEGORY {c} where NAME like 'Laptop%'" ).addEntity("c", Category.class);
var repository = MockRepository.GenerateStub<IProductRepository>(); repository.Stub(rep => rep.FindAll()).Return(products); var controller = new ProductsController(repository); ViewResult result = controller.Index();
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